2nd Trimester

Overdoing it while pregnant?

Hello, I'm worried about my baby. I'm not sure how to tell if he's in distress or not. Yesterday I pushed myself too hard during a hike, that I didn't realize was so hard until I was halfway into it. (Then I had to hike back, there was like a billon stairs) I got really hot and breathless. I stopped to take breaks but I still feel like I overdid it. Maybe overheated? But from what I read it seems to be more dangerous in the first trimester? Im 22 weeks along now (2nd trimester) My legs are sore today and I wont be going on any major hikes anymore, but do you think my baby is okay? I can feel him kick once in awhile, but it seems like it's less than what it was. It could be just my imagination because I read that kicking can come and go, and be very intermittent until I'm closer to my 3rd trimester.

Thank you!

Re: Overdoing it while pregnant?

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