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Weekly Check-In 1/23

EDD / Weeks + Days: 
Baby is the size of a: 
Team blue/pink/green: 
Upcoming Appointments:
How are you feeling?:
GTKY: Coffee or tea?

Re: Weekly Check-In 1/23

    EDD / Weeks + Days: May 5 / 25W3D
    Baby is the size of a: head of cauliflower
    Team blue/pink/green: blue
    Upcoming Appointments: glucose/blood test and monthly check-in 2/10
    How are you feeling?: pretty good except for the occasional Braxton Hicks. Middle of the night leg cramps also started the day I hit 25W  :s 
    Rave: One of my friends texted me out of the blue to check in on me and then asked to get together. It's so rare that happens and it made me really happy  :) Hopefully we can actually get together as long as everyone stays healthy.
    Rant: DH has that same sinus infection that plagued me about a month ago. He full-on admitted to having a man cold: in his words, "I'm handling this about as well as a five-year-old." At least he owned up to it!  :D
    Questions: anyone else having Braxton Hicks right now? I forgot how annoying they are...
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? I should drink more tea and probably drink too many Starbucks cold brews (within the caffeine guidelines for pregnancy, of course). I'm looking forward to drinking herbal teas again!
    EDD / Weeks + Days: 25w+ 1d
    Baby is the size of a: cauliflower 
    Team blue/pink/green: green
    Upcoming Appointments: GDS tomorrow, nothing else till February 

    How are you feeling?: Overall decent, just hitting the tired all the time stage. I've also been having the Braxton Hicks contractions off and on, but they seem to be worse on days I don't drink enough fluids. 

    Rants/Raves: raves... We booked a trip to Hawaii for early next month... So excited to get out of town for a little bit. No real rants now... Just glad to be hiding below the radar of my boss since he was absolutely terrible in December after I told him about being preggers. Maybe it was his new years resolution to be more agreeable, so hopefully it sticks around till I'm off. 

    Questions: any other stm+ have any must have product reccomendations? I just started putting together a baby registry and am struggling with things to put on it that we don't already have since DD is only 19 months.

    GTKY: Coffee or tea? Tea... I have such a huge tea collection, it's kind of embarrassing. It takes up multiple storage containers 
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  • @caroduke Where in Hawaii are you going? DH went to Kailua-Kona about a year ago and it was amazing (and the weather was beautiful the whole time).
    We've started a mini-registry for this baby and added a wet bag, extra glass nail files, medicines, and footed pants. We also want to get a second bassinet so we're not lugging ours up and down the stairs like we did with DD.
  • @hestia-is-wearie we are heading to Oahu... I've done most of the islands already, but DH has never gone, so I figured that one would be a good intro for him. We originally looked at Maui, but accommodations were like twice the price of Honolulu, so my cheapness won out as well. Haha. 

    Thanks for the registry ideas! We had a electric nail file for DD that broke, but we loved when she was super tiny as clippers scare me near tiny baby fingers. Your nail files reminded me :) I also loved footed pants for newborns! So much better than trying to deal with socks or booties. 

    EDD / Weeks + Days: May 14 / 24w2d

    Baby is the size of a: egg carton 

    Team blue/pink/green: blue 

    Upcoming Appointments: 1/25 for cervical check and baby measurements 

    How are you feeling?: Tired but pretty good besides my nipples, they hurt like no other. Anyone else? 

    Rants/Raves: Little guy picks 1am to stretch out and keeps me up for the rest of the day. Hoping tonight he’s more relaxed and not stretching to preform at the Olympics 😂

    Questions: my only one is does anyone else’s nipples hurt? If so what have you done to help. I have a nursing/pumping bra and I put a ice pack between the layers to help. 

    GTKY: Coffee or tea? I quit coffee for awhile but since I had headaches again I started on tea. I’m loving earl grey tea with stevia from Starbucks it taste like fruity pebbles to me 🤤

    @hestia-is-wearie Braxton hicks are terrible. It puts me in a panic because I have to figure out if it’s legit contractions because of my history of preterm labor. But sitting down and drinking water is suppose to do the trick but doesn’t help they are a pain in the butt. 

    @caroduke if you have 2 floors or if baby will be spending any time with grandparents. Some doubles of things are amazing to have. My most must have for this baby is a 3 tier rolling cart and each shelf has essentials like diapers, wipes, mittens, onesies etc. mom supplies for breast feeding, pump and pump parts, burp clothes blankets and snacks and drinks. Also a mini fridge to keep milk you’ve pumped or drinks you want cold and some snack foods. I’m having a C-section so I plan to have everything easy accessible if no one is near. I also personally recommend dock a tot. My older kids loved it so much, I ordered both sizes for my little guy and got the arch activity toy. 
    EDD / Weeks + Days: May 6, 25+2
    Baby is the size of a: cauliflower 
    Team blue/pink/green: pink! 
    Upcoming Appointments: regular appointment on Monday at which I do NOT have to redo the glucose test like they originally said, since I’m testing 4x daily  as if I have it anyway 
    How are you feeling?: the last week, I’ve really started feeling like I can’t do it all and need to slow down. In other words, I’m actually feeling six months pregnant lol 
    Rants/Raves: I had a meltdown yesterday, lol. Husband worked all weekend (he has to do 8-4:30 Saturday and Sunday one weekend a month, and he works an hour away from home) and I just could not deal with life by Sunday afternoon. Thankfully, he took over when he got home, and I left and tracked down an Oreo hot fudge McFlurry which made me feel a lot better lol. 
    Rave: we’re finally getting a painter to come Wednesday for an estimate and I’m excited to get that ball rolling so we can decorate in the baby’s room :) also my husband cleared a ton of stuff out of there while he was off today, and I’m excited to go up there and see how it looks. 
    Questions: not really 
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? Tea, of the iced and extra sweet variety. I miss it so much on this GD diet…
    EDD / Weeks + Days: May 20, 23w2d
    Baby is the size of a: grapefruit
    Team blue/pink/green: blue
    Upcoming Appointments: Uh, not sure. Not for several weeks.
    How are you feeling?: Meh. I wish pregnancy wasn't such a miserable experience for me, but alas here we are. Still throwing up, still bad pains whenever I eat. Nothing seems to help so just resigned to riding it out until May at this point. 
    Rants/Raves: Because pregnancy is not enjoyable, I weirdly don't dread childbirth which I guess is a rave? Just get this kid out of me, haha! (Once fully baked, of course)
    Questions: Not today
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? Coffee usually, but I do enjoy a nice chai or earl gray sometimes too. None of it is appealing right now.

    @jeep4x4mom My nipples were killing me early on but have finally settled down. A warm bath or shower sometimes helped!
    EDD / Weeks + Days: 5/5, 25+4
    Baby is the size of a: cauliflower
    Team blue/pink/green: blue
    Upcoming Appointments: in a couple weeks I think, including the glucose challenge
    How are you feeling?: Generally tired and starting to feel a bit of overwhelm at all of the things that need to get done. I know all the important stuff will get done but that only helps slightly.
    Rants/Raves: none? Idk just chugging along here. I wish tasks would get done on their own though 😂
    Questions: none
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? Yes please! I love iced coffee in the summer, but too much caffeine really triggers anxiety for me. Tea is a good alternative for me and bonus points that I like most kinds!

    @jeep4x4mom my nipples have been pretty sensitive off and on, but I wouldn’t say they outright hurt. I hope it gets better for you soon!
  • krb99krb99 member
    EDD / Weeks + Days: 23w3d
    Baby is the size of a: plop
    Team blue/pink/green: pink again!
    Upcoming Appointments: checkup later this week
    How are you feeling?: I do some overnight work and have been feeling more lightheaded when I have to be active in the middle of the night. I need to remember to take time to get from point A to B and sit to do some activities and not just jump up and go like I normally do. I feel pretty good during the day, so I wonder why it hits me at night. Maybe my blood sugar drops not in a dangerous way but in a make you feel icky way, because I don’t eat through the night like I do through the day? Idk.
    Rants/Raves: Yay for reaching viability-ish! (Although honestly this is kind of the worst time because if baby were really born/having complications now there would be, like, Decisions To Be Made and I hate that, would rather things go wrong sooner or later so the outcome is more certain and out of my hands. There’s a bit less anxiety being <22 and >28 weeks. Sorry this is Dark. 🫠)
    Questions: nope
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? I try to be a tea person to cut down on caffeine but I love coffee. 😂 I let myself have one a day during pregnancy and it seems to disappear so quickly!

    @hestia-is-wearie Yes for me on the Braxton-Hicks! Last pregnancy I had one (1) really good one at 20 weeks and didn’t feel anything else until the third tri, but this time it’s like once to a couple times a day. It freaks me out a little mostly because I have one and catastrophize that it’s preterm labor until an hour later when I realize I haven’t had another. 😅

    @caroduke Yeah my “baby” registry is funny because I feel like I have a lot of stuff I need to buy my 3 y/o so I can take the stuff she’s currently using to use for the baby. So I need like a bed so she gives up the crib (currently converted into a toddler bed), we just got a table/chairs so she gives up her current table which converted from a baby seat, etc. I am planning to buy all new pacifiers and bottle nipples because they’re only made to be used by one baby. (My oldest bit straight through some pacifiers—the newborn size when she first got teeth and even the thicker size when she was just turning 3–so I saw how they can wear out and it was very choking hazard-y 😬. This may be overkill esp if your bottle nipples look like they’re in good condition but they’re pretty cheap to replace. Also PSA if you get a wubbanub/pacifier with stuffed animal attached, the pacifier may be only 0-3 month size and not supposed to be used after first teeth appear.)

    @jeep4x4mom It’s not too bad when I’m just fully clothed with a good bra on, but when I’m getting dressed if my nipples brush anything I’m like owwwwwwww.

    @ashleyp625 Oreo McFlurry will make almost anything better. 🙂

    @abjm0325 Throwing up is the worst. I’m sorry it’s still happening. 
    EDD / Weeks + Days: May 16 24 weeks
    Baby is the size of a: cantaloupe
    Team blue/pink/green: blue
    Upcoming Appointments: follow up ultrasound for Mr Wiggle Worm Friday
    How are you feeling?: Ok, back pain is still bad first thing in the AM, but then it goes away. I need to be more active. Work has just been insane and I haven't worked out during lunches like I am used to doing, working instead  :(
    Rants/Raves: Also just making my way through like @courtney701 said. Rave is that DH is awesome super supportive. But rant is that also like Courtney I am sick of having to ask multiple times to do the things I can't do. Carry the laundry baskets up man, c'mon!
    Questions: NATM
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? Right now tea. Finding that coffee has me more tired and jittery, so I have been doing variations of black tea.

    @hestia-is-wearie a few here and there but I got them early and ALL the time with DS2
    @jeep4x4mom mine are definitely sensitive. I have to cover them up at certain angles in the shower but they aren't painful.
    @ashleyp625 I didn't know that hot fudge oreo mcflurries were a thing!?

  • @gingermama46 I swear I saw an ad for it some random place and then my brain of course went MUST HAVE NOW! I ordered and the girl in the drive through was like, “soooo an Oreo McFlurry add hot fudge” and I was like yea, I guess so! So maybe it’s like a secret menu type thing? 
  • @ashleyp625 oohh I will have to try that! In true McDonalds fashion, the one by us' ice cream is almost always down!
  • +1 to lots of Braxton Hicks and nip soreness - legit SHREDDED from a sick nursling who is only comforted by the boob. That on top of regular hormonal tenderness is brutal.

    EDD / Weeks + Days: 6/2 
    Baby is the size of a: 
    Team blue/pink/green: pink
    Upcoming Appointments: A/S 2/1
    How are you feeling?: Like a WHALE. I just feel so large. Three point turns to roll over in bed. She feels so low already too which has happened progressively earlier for each pregnancy so I shouldn't be surprised. 
    Rants/Raves: All my kids have been sick this week. MH and I have been cleaning up vomit and diarrhea around the clock since last Saturday. Finally today (Friday) everyone is back at school and we're both fully at work. Somehow we seem to have been spared, but it's been so brutal. So much laundry. And so much work to catch up on today (so naturally I'm Bumpin)
    Questions: How much maternity leave are we taking? Particularly for US based folks ... 
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? COFFEE. Although I enjoy the experience of tea, I don't particularly enjoy the taste. I drink multiple cups of coffee a day though. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits my company doesn't offer leave, so just the standard based on FMLA, 12 weeks. I'll get two extra days since there'll be two company holidays during the leave and I may add some PTO depending on what I use before May.

  • @BourbonBiscuits I *really* lucked out. I work for a company that is too small to qualify for FMLA (like 20-25 employees
    small) and of course had no maternity/parental leave policy because there was no need for one yet. I was prepared for the absolute worst but I’m getting 12 weeks fully paid leave, with the option to take more unpaid if I want or need it. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits I'm planning to take 10-12 weeks full-time leave and then my boss has offered to let me work from home part-time for another few weeks. Not sure yet if it will all be paid (hit my year at the company DURING maternity leave), so that's a fun stressful wait. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits public school here…I only get 6 weeks. Luckily I only have to go back for one week then I get the summer off anyway. 
  • @BourbonBiscuits higher ed professor here who got lucky on timing. Because we don’t have classes over the summer, the university doesn’t start counting my 12 weeks paid leave until August… so I get a long leave. It sounds great at first blush, but I’m tenure-track and need to prepare my dossier for spring 2024. So I’ll still be working during “leave” as much as I can. Boooooo.
    EDD / Weeks + Days: 23W6D 
    Baby is the size of a: Grapefruit 
    Team blue/pink/green: Blue
    Upcoming Appointments: 2/3 Glucose test
    How are you feeling?: Ready for this sinus infection to go away! It is really wearing me down. 
    Rants/Raves: Rants.. TMI hemorrhoids for the first time. Raves getting lots of hand me downs from family and coworkers. The one thing I want to splurge on is a nice wagon.
    GTKY: Coffee or tea? Right now my crutch has been Dr Pepper. Black coffee doesn't sit well. Once a month I get an occasional Starbucks. I only have a handful of teas I care to drink.

    Still figuring out the plan once baby comes. I can take 12 weeks FMLA with 6 weeks of that being short term disability and 6 weeks paternity leave. My plan right now is to not return to work after leave. Just trying to figure out the best time to notify them so I don't have to pay back any of the leave.
  • @15caitlin I saw a friend of mine at the mall today and she had a really cool wagon and now I’m intrigued! Looks like way more space than a stroller. 
  • STM
    25 weeks today!

    Baby is the size of a: eggplant I guess 

    Team green

    Upcoming Appointments: so big update on my end. Went to MFM this week for an US and the doctor came in and said I DONT have the velamentous cord, I have just the marginal cord. HUGE relief. However, my baby is measuring super duper small, like 14%tile. So didn’t walk away feeling totally great but still another waiting game which I hate. 4 more weeks until next US with MFM and they’ll see if baby if following their growth curve or if they go under 10%tile tons more tests. Ugh. 

    How are you feeling?: pretty good. I also have BH a lot and nipple pain, nothing has ever helped tbh. 

    Rants/Raves: I just want a few days of sunshine here in IL. It has literally been dark grey all winter!!! Rave: we are almost done with our master bed moulding and it looks so amazing. 

    Questions: Any other STM feel sad that it seems like nobody cares about the second pregnancy? Lol

    GTKY: Coffee or tea? Coffee
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