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January exercise check-in

Ladies I really fell off the bandwagon of exercise until about a month ago (due to fatigue, nausea) so I am bringing back exercise check ins for those interested! It selfishly helps me to have a little extra support and motivation :)

How are you feeling? 
How is exercise going for you?
What has motivated you during this pregnancy?
Recent accomplishments (big or small):
January goals:


Re: January exercise check-in

  • How are you feeling? I have ups and downs but this week I have been feeling good and getting back to working out this month has improved my mental state for sure 
    How is exercise going for you? Just recently, way better than the first 20 weeks haha
    What has motivated you during this pregnancy? I really want to be prepared physically for this delivery especially in terms of endurance as I am really hoping for a VBAC. Also, I want to maintain some exercise tolerance in hopes that my post partum exercise journey will be a little easier this time around. My prior approach has been to eat whatever I want and lay around like a couch potato and i will just get back into shape post baby but I really want this one to be different and to not feel like its such a set back for me.  
    Recent accomplishments (big or small): I rode the peloton 4 days this week and felt great during each class! 
    January goals: I want to do something active 4-5 days a week this month- even walks and prenatal slow flow yoga count for me!
  • YES @maelove - so proud of you for getting back into it. Which peloton yoga classes have you been doing? I did one last week that I really enjoyed - 20 min prenatal yoga flow with Kristin on 3/15/20

    I too have fallen out of my routine. Literally the only time I can consistently get a workout in is if I wake up at 4:45 on week days and make it happen. I've just been way too exhausted to get that done lately. I know I can do it, it's juts a matter of getting back into the routine and adjusting my night sleep pattern to account for it.

    How are you feeling? I'm starting to feel weakness when I walk up long flights of stairs, which I do not enjoy. That's always my first signal that I've gone too long without my exercise routine.
    How is exercise going for you? Not as well as I wish it was. When I make the time, it's awesome. I love the peloton hike classes and prenatal yoga/strength classes. I still hesitate to do regular strength/yoga classes because I just don't feel like I have a handle on do's and don't's of pregnancy exercise.
    What has motivated you during this pregnancy? I was in the best shape of my life before this pregnancy, and maintaining some of that (and the mental health benefits that go along with it) has been motivating. Plus I'm really obsessed with not losing my weekly streak on the peloton app.
    Recent accomplishments (big or small): I prioritized the time for a prenatal yoga stacked with a prenatal meditation. Really wonderful.
    January goals: My January goal was to get back into my early morning routine, but that tanked pretty early on. I'm hoping to try again in February.
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  • @BourbonBiscuits I haven't done the yoga classes in a while but I have done a couple Anna and Kristin in the past! I have been doing cycling classes though! 
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