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Marginal cord insertion

I’m 18+1 and found out this week I have marginal cord insertion where the cord that attached to the placenta isn’t in the middle but more to the side, I have my anatomy scan in a couple weeks to check and see if this is causing any issues with growth of baby and nutrition. I’m trying to not look into this too much because the internet is terrifying sometimes. But I did see it more common with multiple babies and first pregnancies but still not that common. This is my first pregnancy and I’m 34. I’m wondering if anyone else has experience this and how they or their child is doing.

Re: Marginal cord insertion

  • I had this with my first too - bilobed placenta + marginal cord insertion. They just kept monitoring growth so I had more scans than would have been typical. Your care team will guide you through :smile: I have a perfectly healthy 2.5 yo boy now!
  • @rouboots thank you so much for replying. I’ve been searching though the community pages and didn’t see anything about this. I know it’s fairly uncommon. I’m so happy to hear your 2.5 yo is perfectly healthy. I have my high risk scan in two weeks so hopefully I will get some more clear answers. 
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