Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Small, hard bump behind baby’s ear


I noticed a small hard bump behind my 6mo’s ear on her head. It’s hard and doesn’t move around. I’m trying not to panic. Any idea or anyone experience this? Thanks! 

Re: Small, hard bump behind baby’s ear

  • abb22abb22 Just Joined
    My little one also has these lumps (behind each ear) and had an hospital referral. We we're told they were just her lymph nodes, from where she had croup and it just mad them a little swollen. Could be similar.
  • ksteezyksteezy member
    Our little one also has the same thing shortly after he was born, we had an ultra sound done and turned out to be swollen lymph notes. We never knew what caused it but they subsided after a couple weeks.
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  • My baby had the same thing after birth and it was behind both ears. Doctor said swollen lymph nodes and they would resolve on there own. They did! So don’t worry!!
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