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Anatomy scan

So I went for my 20 week anatomy scan, excited to see the babies nose and hands and feet and ofcourse finding out the gender. The tech was great however he told me my baby is sleeping on his belly and so he can’t really get a lot of scans and measurements. So I have another ultrasound booked for feb 1st, but I’m scared the baby is still going to be in this position… anyone else have a baby upside down? The 4 pictures I got were terrible and I couldn’t make up a thing from it besides his genitals.

Re: Anatomy scan

  • Baby has tons of space to move.  Even if baby is in the same position, the tech may have you try doing different things to get baby to move.  

    Don't stress, they will get what they need, eventually. 
  • This is pretty usual. I have had to do this with one. Sometimes they will get you to get up and walk around. I drink lots of water before, but maybe OJ would help. It tends to make them be more active. Stay away from simply OJ brands though, just heard they have a high amount of forever chemicals in them. 

    Also often times the tech can budge them. A bit uncomfortable but worth it if they get them to move. 

    Good luck!
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  • The only picture I have of the whole body reminds me of a picture I saw once of a cat laying in a bread loaf position on a glass top table. I’m hoping next ultrasound is better 
  • I had mine yesterday and loved it. The gel on my belly felt cold and my belly was a bit achy after as the technician had to apply lots of pressure but apart from that...
  • I had mine earlier today and the same situation. It took us a looong time to turn my baby. The tech made me lay down side ways and bug my baby by shaking my tummy by the ultrasound tool a couple times. I was already sweating even if its AC cold because it hurts and we’ve been there for a while but eventually baby turned and saw his full face.
  • Huh! I had no idea this could happen. Would an internal ultrasound not work to see more detail? Sucks to have to rechedule, but glad there are ways to wake up baby! (I have mine in a few weeks and am excited to see how much they've grown since the 10 week scan) 
  • The first 3 ultrasounds I had she was upside down. I was told drinking orange juice before could help along with eating something sweet. What really helped was changing the time of day I went in for the ultrasound. I used to do evenings around 4:00 pm so my husband could come after work, but found out she's most active in the morning after breakfast. When I changed the time I was finally able to see her little side profile and her moving around.
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