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Second Pregnancy

Hello All, This is my second baby well 3rd counting the one I loss due to an ectopic pregnancy. I was just wondering if anyone else felt like I do where more like feeling pregnant it’s knowing that I am. To better explain its like I know I’m pregnant because I keep eating everything and anything left and right, crazy dreams, no sleep at night and naps all day. In terms of feeling pregnant it doesn’t feel like my first where I guess my body just prepare differently. Somebody told me today that it’s because I have already paved the road ahead before and now things are just a lot easier seamless almost. While for me is just scary, I feel like I’m missing something that I should be feeling but I’m not in terms of my body. I am super excited about my daughter having a sibling and seeing her grow that relationship of being the bid sister. She does have half siblings that are much older then her but I still think it will be a little different. Although I’m not looking forward to explaining why they are only half and not sane as her and her brother or sister to come. Is anyone else feeling like their second pregnancy just feels different?

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