Toddler swallowed blueberry as a whole

Hi everyone, 
Today I was feeding whole blueberries mixed with yogurt to my almost 3 year old daughter. Since blueberries and yogurt have different textures, I think she tried to swallow the first spoonful. She choked but eventually swallowed it. She seemed fine after that but I was terrified. Are whole blueberries still a choking hazard at this age? Did anyone of you have a similar experience?

Re: Toddler swallowed blueberry as a whole

  • Whole blueberries are always a choking hazard. Adults can choke on blueberries. Maybe next time explain to your daughter that the yogurt has blueberries mixed in it before she takes a bite. I’m glad she was able to swallow it! Choking scares me! My son (8mo) hasn’t choked on anything yet but he gags sometimes and it always makes my heart rate go up. 
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    @taylorharris0522 I didn't know that whole blueberries are a choking hazard for adults. Will be very careful from next time onwards while feeding my daughter and other children. Thank you so much for writing!
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