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Side Sleeping Pain

Hi future mamas!
Seeking some advice. I’m 21 weeks and have been fortunate to have a very easy pregnancy thus far however I am experiencing some SERIOUS pain sleeping on my side at night (hips, hip flexor, thighs, butt) and can’t find any relief.

I have a big pregnancy pillow for support, I sleep with the pillow between my knees, I stretch and use a heating pad but nothing has helped. Please share any other secrets!

Re: Side Sleeping Pain

  • I'm right there with you! I think some days that I walk more/get more exercise helps but sometimes it doesn't. Following in case there's new advice I haven't heard yet.
  • I had this in my first pregnancy and couldn’t find relief. This pregnancy, it started much earlier (18 weeks vs 30 the first time). I decided to try an extra thick (4inch) memory foam mattress pad. It has really been doing the trick for me at least!
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  • I'm feeling that more and more every night! I barricade myself with pillows and a big pregnancy pillow for back support. I've tried sleeping while sitting at some point. 

    Will try a thick mattress pad hopefully it would help!
  • A new mattress or one that is adjustable was a game changer for me. If you have one of those Big U pillows, I sleep with the curve by my feet. It makes it easier to switch sides throughout the night. Also I wedge the 
    back side up against my back so I can lean back while still on my side. It's some form of relief. 
    If you don't do prenatal massages or better yet Chiropractor that may help. It has always made a difference for me. 

    Hope you find a solution!
  • It may sound weird, but Magnesium Spray really helps me!! You can get one from Pink Stork on Amazon. If I have pain in the middle of the night, I spritz a few times on the area and then fall back asleep. It’s the only thing that I can rely on to help that. It’s always a temporary fix (have to do it every night) rather than permanent fix, but it definitely gives me a few more hours of restful sleep. 

    Tart Cherry Juice Concentrate mixed with water or tart cherry supplements may also help you! 
  • Good choice for a mattress. And still can see a doctor and strengthen the muscles.
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