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Early nap wakings/short naps

My son has been waking from naps occasionally after 15-30 minutes. This isn’t common. It happens maybe three times a week, usually during his midday nap starting at 1:30. 

Morning starts at 7:30. He naps really well in the mornings, 9-11. I often wake him from this first nap after 2 hours. His middle nap at 1:30 is the hardest. We get an hour to an hour and half usually, but 30 minutes some days. His evening nap is 4:30 and he usually sleeps until 6. Bed at 8. 

Should I adjust anything? I can tell that days he gets a real nap in the middle of the day he feels better in the evenings.

I’ve left him in his crib when he wakes up super early from his midday nap, and he will chatter for a while but slowly works himself up to crying so I go in there and get him. He doesn’t go back to sleep. 

Re: Early nap wakings/short naps

  • Check out the Moms of Call book. It is a very short read and gives you an exact schedule for napping/sleeping depending on age. We stick to this schedule and it works brilliantly. I know if they’re going through a growth spurt, their sleep
    oatterns can get messed up a bit 
  • Since it’s only happening at his early afternoon nap, I suggest checking the environment for light and/or sounds that may be waking him up. Since the sun moves during the day, it might be making the room lighter at that time. I installed blackout curtains in my granddaughter’s nursery which has helped her sleep better. The light in the room wasn’t conducive to her sleeping well. It also seems to be helping her understand that it’s time to sleep.
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