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Progesterone Injections

Hi friends! I am currently half way through the first trimester and had to begin progesterone injections last week. How are the rest of you on this protocol surviving? Any tips or advice for dealing with the soreness and pain are very welcome. Obviously the doctor gave me advice on what to do, but any other secret knowledge from you ladies out there dealing with it would be helpful! I wish you all the best! 

Re: Progesterone Injections

  • I’ve been on them for months (we did IVF) here’s what I do ( this is not medical advice, just how I do them)

    Prepare the syringe - draw up with the 18g needle and switch the needle out for a 25 gauge

    Heat in a heating pad for five to seven minutes. If it gets too hot just let it sit out for a minute or two.

    Clean the injection area (it’s higher than you think- Imagine that there is a horizontal line running across your butt where your booty crack starts, it’s above that line and on the putter section on your hip… if you do then low, you will get knots)

    I stand on a stool letting the side if my body getting the shot relax and letting that leg dangle

    Then my husband slaps my injection site until it stings (confuses my brain and stings less when he does the shot)

    Then he stabs it in quick… fast like a dart! Then he aspirated it (pulls the plunger back ever so slightly to check for blood) and if no blood, then he injects the medicine. If there is blood (rarely happens, he takes it out and puts pressure until the bleeding stops, switches out for a new needle and we switch injection sites).

    When he’s done, he pulls it out straight away and puts pressure on the site with a paper towel and massages it for 2-5 minutes then i takeover and massage with the hot heating pad for a few minutes.

    There is also an auto injector that you can get which does the needle insertion for you but I like having my husband do them.

    Some Dr offices will also do them for you if you really can’t do them yourself.

    Best of luck! They get easier!
  • I have been using a numbing gel I bought on Amazon. It has really helped me. My last shot is in 3 days. I can’t wait.
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