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Hey all, first time posting so forgive any errors..
In 2022 I had 3 miscarriages. I’m pregnant now, 7 weeks. I started feeling pretty tired/sick last week and in the past 4 days symptoms have subsided, not completely, but noticeable. I ran across something on Google about turmeric supplements in pregnancy being bad.. I had no idea! I just started taking them recently. I’m so mad at myself. We get results of another quantitative HCG in the morning, so I’m anxiously waiting the results, but I feel in my gut that it’s over :(

Do any of you have experience like this? Any with experience with turmeric? I am so upset.

Edited to add: when I say I started taking recently, I mean since a little before the beginning of this pregnancy, so roughly 2-3 months ago

Re: Supplements

  • I’m sorry you’re so stressed and anxious. If you just started those supplements the likelihood of them doing much harm is probably really low. I would really try not to worry too much about that. I honestly don’t know a lot about stuff like that because I don’t take those kinds of things. As for symptoms coming and going, that’s normal and I totally relate to the stress that causes. I’m sure your symptoms will be back in full force. 
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    Out of all the potentially dangerous things to take in pregnancy, turmeric isn’t the scary dangerous kind. The risk with turmeric is that it can thin the blood and make bleeding more likely/copious in pregnancy. It’s problematic for the same reason as ibuprofen—not going to cause a miscarriage, but if there are other issues going on that are causing bleeding, it can make the bleeding worse. I hope that helps!
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