Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss


I recently found out I am pregnant with what would be my second baby… my first pregnancy and birth went entirely “normal” and healthy and had no scares.
I started noticing brown discharge when i had wiped for 2 days then bleeding around 3 days ago started… i havent had any pain or cramping just lightheadedness from when seeing blood. I had gone to the ER and been told “threatened miscarriage” and to come back in 48hrs… I had taken a shower and went to wash and noticed a clump about 3in long 2in wide brown/pink come out.. (no pain and less bleeding) everything I see online isn’t quite what I had so I am wondering if anyone has had this experience… i also have less bleeding since passing said “tissue” and see more of a brown discharge again…
I go back in a few hours for the check up and fingers crossed for good news… :(
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