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healthy habits w/o 1/9

What habits, goals, or resolutions are you focusing on this week/year?

How's everything going? Any recent wins?

What has you motivated or struggling?

Re: healthy habits w/o 1/9

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    mygoldmygold Just Joined
    Eating right
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    I’m not a water drinker. Like I despise water. My goal is to increase intake and have bought some Mio style water flavoring to try and help it not taste like water 🤣
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

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    @AmMcc12 I like to make iced tea with herbal tea bags, in fruity flavors like peach or lemon. They add a little flavor and make water less boring. 

    I’m still working on my forever goal of 30 minutes of movement daily. It’s all low impact low intensity right now (OB and acupuncture doc both advised this), which is super boring and makes me want to do it less. Keeping the eating clean, limiting the caffeine and alcohol, just living that TTC life. 
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    @AmMcc12 My husband is the same way - he never drinks water because he hates it so much. I, on the other hand, love water so much I even get cravings for it lol.

    I’m working on getting back into doing Pilates. My goal is 3 times per week and I’m on track so far for this week.
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    AmMcc12AmMcc12 member
    edited January 2023
    Tea might be a good option. I’ve also thought about fresh lemons or other additives but wanting to make sure they are all TTC safe especially after the prescription med debacle 
    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

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    Actually getting back into yoga. I'm good at my workouts with my husband because we do them together. But he doesn't do yoga. And ducking up the cold and doing more weighted walks around the neighborhood. 
    PG #1: 36w5d 12/25/19
    PG #2: EDD 8/15/23 Miscarried 9w1d 1/11/23
    PG #3: EDD 12/15/23
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    Guys I actually read my reading for my doctorate class. I am the worst student ever usually. But I did it. ALL OF IT. 
    Spoiler for History 

    Me - 30 DH - 32

    April 2009 - 8+ week MC
    January 2012 - BFP - DS Born 10/21/2012
    May 2013 - BFP - Twins MMC @ 13 weeks D&C
    Oct 2013 -  BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Dec 2013 -  BFP  DD Born 8/16/14 - Cholestasis at 36+5
    Nov 2016 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Dec 2016 - BFP  DD Born 6/19/17 @ 28+4 Severe Pre-E, IUGR, Cholestasis 
    Nov 2017 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Jan 2017 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    Jan 2019 - BFP MC @ 6 weeks
    DH Vasectomy Aug 2019
    Feb 2022 - TTC #4 with IVF - RPL testing
    Protein C and S Deficiency - Blood Thinners for Treatment - Maybe we don't know!
    June 2022 - IVF - 2 embryos - 1 transfered 6/22/22 - Transfer Failed
    July 2022 - FET

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    Go @mambo5-2! Way to get it! 
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    Me: 26     DH: 25
    DS1 -- 9/30/2016

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