1st Trimester

4 weeks 4 days back pain

Has anyone had back pain or lower abdominal pain at 4 weeks and 4 days. It's really freaking me out

Re: 4 weeks 4 days back pain

  • kljohnson19kljohnson19 Just Joined
    Hey there. I'm new to this group but wanted to respond. I'm pregnant with baby #2. I am exactly where you're at, 4 weeks 4 days. I had terrible cramping in my back and pelvis a few days back. I still have them occasionally. My doctor's office advised this can be totally normal. I was scared because I never had them with my first. For me I'm concerned with my hcg levels and am going in tomorrow to have them rechecked. But I'd give your dr a ring just to see what they say! Chances are it's normal as your body is adjusting to being pregnant! ❤️
  • I’m now 6w but week 4 was hell with back pain!!!
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