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Hi all. I have been struggling with infertility for a few years. I just did a 4th cycle of IVF and my body isn’t responding to the medications. I only got one egg and so we are changing to IUI this month. I feel so defeated and was wondering if anyone knows of great acupuncturist located in Suffolk county Long Island.

Re: Acupuncture

  • ttc3yttc3y member
    I don’t have a personal recommendation for that area of the country but make sure they have a L.Ac to show they are board certified and they use one time use sterile needles. I highly recommend acupuncture and I believe it helped me be successful on my fertility journey. Extra bonus if they practice community acupuncture because it will make it a lot more affordable over time. I found an awesome acupuncturist near where I live who does community acupuncture and pay $35/ session.   
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    Hello. I have been going to an acupuncture clinic in the city that is associated with a top fertility clinic and I believe has an outpost in south hampton. I know not Suffolk county. It’s called Lily + Horn and I highly recommend.
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