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Swimming lessons

What is a good age to take baby to swimming lessons? My baby is almost 8 month. Did anybody take there baby to swimming lessons that early? She likes playing in bath tub so I would think she would like the water. But I m scared to take her that early. 

Re: Swimming lessons

  • We started swim lessons at four months. My son hated the first two, we took a two week vacation, then when we went back he loved it. We go to AquaTots. He’s seven months old and he can roll to his back now if he falls in, he knows to grab the wall, and he has just started kicking when we move him through the water. I highly recommend it. We have so much fun and it really tires him out- we get GOOD naps on days he has swim in the mornings. 
  • Oh wow that’s really impressive! Just googled it. There is actually one that says coming soon really close to my house . Will definitely look into it. It’s better to start early. 
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  • I started mine at 6 months in traditional swim lessons. She hasn't learned a ton, but she LOVES it! I would more suggest a survival swim class. We don't have any near us, but I have family who have done it and love it 
  • We just had our first “parent and me” swim lesson. Our little one is 6.5 months. She enjoyed it! She didn’t live anything that required she come out of the water at all, because she’d get cold quickly. We chose not to submerge her, as it was her very first experience in a pool. Maybe after a few lessons we will try. 
  • My baby just started swimming lessons 3 weeks ago, when he just turned 6 months. The swim school I take him to offered classes for as young as 4 months! He absolutely loves bath time so I figured he would be a little fish in the pool and he LOVES it! Gets them comfortable going under/holding their breath, floating and kicking to swim (: It’s once a week, for about 30 mins and he passes out on the ride home lol
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    I took my son to a 12 weeks parent and me swimming class when he was 5 months old. Signed him up with no expectations. He end up loving it! It helped him start crawling at 6 months. he is now 8months and he can go under the water closing his mouth. Swimming has been the best investment.
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