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Hot yoga in 2nd trimester

So I’ve been doing hot yoga at minimum once per week for the past 3 years. It’s always a 60 minute class and the temp in the room is 100-104. I stopped doing yoga from about wk6 to wk 12 because I had HG (really severe morning sickness). But I’ve started taking classes again, I’m 16 weeks now. I modify certain postures from what I’ve read online and I take my temp before, during and after—whenever I hit 99, I start sweating and cool down. Temp has never gone over 99.1. Looking for other mom’s experiences with hot yoga during pregnancy. Doctor has said as long as my temp doesn’t go over 101.5 and I’m hydrated, since I’ve been doing it this long it is ok. But I definitely get some looks and my friends are all super skeptical. I even saw a blog post online relating hot yoga in pregnancy to as bad as smoking. And there really isn’t many studies done on seasoned yogis doing hot yoga in pregnancy. What have others experienced?

Re: Hot yoga in 2nd trimester

  • Not sure why it’s worth the risk. Most yoga studios don’t permit pregnant women to do hot yoga and have specific prenatal classes. 

    Clinical fever is anything 100.4 or greater and it is recommended pregnant women medicate to avoid/treat fevers. 101.5 seems sort of ridiculous to me as a permissible upper limit. 

    Nobody is going to do a real study on hot yoga just like they don’t do many medication studies on pregnant women. It’s just not ethical/worth the risk. So yeah, unfortunately the data is lacking. 

    All this to say I personally wouldn’t risk it. I don’t see any benefit over just doing regular yoga and real possible risk. I did prenatal yoga my first pregnancy and really enjoyed it, and wish I could do it now, but it exacerbates my pelvic pain. 
  • Since your reply doesn’t involve your experience with hot yoga during pregnancy, I’m really not sure why you even commented. 

    Like I said, my temp has never gone over 99.1 and I consistently follow my doctor’s guidelines. Since I’m not going over 100.4, I’m not sure why you are even talking about a clinical fever here. 

    My yoga studio and two others that I attend have other pregnant women doing hot yoga and they have never had any problems either; all have had healthy babies and pregnancies. All have monitored their temperature while in class, followed their doctor’s advice and listened to their bodies. Which is what I am doing. 

    I really don’t care if you would “personally risk it” or not—you have no experience with doing hot yoga while pregnant. Next time please read the actual post before commenting unnecessarily. 
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  • Haha so are you the internet police? I’m allowed to post whenever I feel like. I was also completely respectful and kind. 

    I have experience. I used to do hot yoga and I stopped when I got pregnant. That was my experience. 

    Your doc said your temp could go as high as 101.5 which is ABOVE CLINICAL FEVER. Healthcare provider here, and that is bad advice. Flat out. 

    Looks like you just want confirmation bias to keep doing what you are doing. You do you, girl. Just don’t have a hissy when someone on a public forum says something you don’t like. Not sure why you posted this at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • I don't really know if hot yoga is good, I like pilates more, it's similar, but there is less meditation
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