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Rash/Constipation, formula change ?

Looking for advice! My daughter is 4 months old and has had constipation (difficulty passing thicker consistency stools) since October (8 weeks old). We have consulted with the Dr. And have tried warm baths, bicycle moments, tummy massages, extra tummy time, sitting upright, warm cotton ball on the butt, and prune juice. Prune juice would work but if we stopped it , she went right back to having difficulty. At week 15 she developed a rash on her Tummy, which slowly turned into a rash on her arms and back. We tried a prescription cream for 5 days and no change so we were advised to stop and resort back to regular cream and reapply at every diaper change. In addition change laundry detergent since the rash appears to look like an irritant. We used dreft and have now switched to all free and clear. 

I'm at lost, has anyone else experienced this? Is this an allergy to her formula? She's on enfamli gentlese drinks around 24 to 26 oz a day. She's gaining weight, has no spit up, or bad burps. I'm not one to post on those sites but I really need some direction.

Thank you in advance 🙏

Re: Rash/Constipation, formula change ?

  • I have not dealt with this but switching to another formula probably wouldn’t help if you’re not noticing spit up/vomiting. 

    My son had some hard poops but they really got manageable at 4 months because I could give him stuff like prunes and other high fiber purées. 

    I’d say stay in contact with your doctor if you try switching to any soy or lactose free formulas. 

    You’ll figure this out!
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