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Frozen Meal Prep Ideas!

Doing meal prep before baby comes is a huge help! What are your favorite frozen meal recipes? 

Re: Frozen Meal Prep Ideas!

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    This breakfast burrito is amazing, I'll definitely be doing it again.
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    Im definitely doing frozen breakfast burritos! Great idea @miss_lynn9

    I never needed freezer meals in the past because my husband worked as a cook at a camp so we had access to food all the time. I was a bit spoiled. Lol

    Im wanting to make enchiladas and some pasta bake type things. How many meals do I need to have ready? 
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    I also would like to know how many meals to have prepped. Let me know what you recommend!
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    miss_lynn9miss_lynn9 member
    edited January 2023
    @TortugaAzul @lightintothevoid I don't remember how many meals I preped last time, I think it was about 2 weeks worth. IMO it really depends on how much and what kind of support you have. If I had someone that was coming and able to make meals (thats not my partner), then I would make less. But since it will be my partner and I then I plan to have enough for 2 weeks worth of dinners. Then have more breakfast things since that will be harder to do. 
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    I’m making as many as my deep freezer will hold. Not sure what that will be. I’m going to start in the next couple weeks make double batches of freezable dinners so I can slowly build a stash. Some things that have worked before:

    breakfast sandwiches
    Shepherds pie
    goulash (American)
    any sort of chicken breast/sauce combo

    My plan is to also make dump meals in freezer bags for the crockpot, but not sure what will taste good. 
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    I'm terrible at this but currently freezing cooked meat whenever I cook so I have it ready to make things like tacos, sloppy joes, spaghetti with meat sauce, breakfast burritos, chicken breast for salad or fajitas, etc. 
    July 4th
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    @miss_lynn9 what kind of sausage do you use in that recipe? 
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    @youcanhavemanhattan I use Johnsonville a maple breakfast sausage because that's the only one like like lol. Any breakfast sausage that you like would work. 
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    So far I have prepped and frozen
    lasagna (two big meals)
    Goulash (made a huge pot, ended up with four gallon bags frozen)
    Meatloaf muffins (1 dozen frozen for quick meals with potatoes and veggies)
    Egg muffins (with sausage and veggies for quick breakfast)
    Banana oat muffins for breakfast stuff

    I plan to make to freeze:
    Pre-cooked ground beef/Turkey to make easy tacos or hamburger helper type stuff
    Stocked up on steamer veggie packs
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