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WTF Wednesday

What's going on in your life that's making you go WTF! 

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • Today it’s: I’ve got a virtual appointment with my doctor.. it was supposed to be at 11:15.. I’m still waiting almost an hour later for the call back. Why is the wait always so long! 
  • @TortugaAzul Ugh that's frustrating, hopefully you're in now!

    My sister, who gave us less than a month notice that she's getting married, and we can't bring our daughter, is now complaining that she's too busy because she scheduled her wedding so close to Christmas. 😒
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  • Today is my moms birthday and she wanted to visit my grandparents grave site and then go to dinner. We picked 2pm Wednesday over a week ago. Yesterday night at like 10 my mom calls and tells us that my brother can’t go so they are changing the plan. My brother is unemployed, lives at home with my parents, and he refuses to go to college (he’s 22) so like what on earth does he have to do?! Plus its my moms birthday and he’s known the plan for a week - he couldn’t move things around? And why do we always schedule around his nonsense?! So now we’re going to dinner but not to the grave site which is something she really wanted to do. Then he calls me to tell me he’s behind on making credit card payments and he needs help organizing his finances. Like idk maybe keep a job for more than 3 days? Ok rant over. 
  • @TortugaAzul ugh. 

    @miss_lynn9 double ugh. 

    @disneybaby23 my sister lived with my parents until she was 28, and she was ALWAYS the one to complain about money/life. So annoying 🙄 

    I’m pretty sure I got food poisoning or something from a Christmas party on Sunday. Today I was feeling fine for most of the day but now I feel like garbage again. 😭
  • nopegoatnopegoat member
    edited December 2022
    Took the kids to their friend's birthday party on Saturday and by Monday 5 out of 8 of us were sick. 4 boys and then myself.

    So WT(major)F to the kid's mom who decided to bring her kid, who had a high enough fever two days before that her kid had a febrile seizure, but decided that since meds were keeping the fever down it was ok to bring her to the party. 🤬

    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • shorty-sarshorty-sar member
    edited December 2022
    It’s currently 8 degrees and it feels like -9 with the wind…our poor heater is trying to keep up, but the house has poor insulation and the indoor heat has been 61-63 the last several days. Normally it’s set for 67-68. We get cold days like this every winter, but not for 5 days straight 😅🥶
  • @nopegoat wow, I'd be furious. I hopefully you all are on the mend and no one else catches it. 

    @shorty-sar it's currently -34c/-29f, feel like -45c/-49f where I live. It's not fun 
  • @miss_lynn9 where are you? I’m northern Ontario and we were -25C today… -34 is just cruel! 
  • @muggsd I'm in central Alberta! 
  • We’re in a blizzard warning, it’s going to be -40 wind chill, and my family might not make it for Christmas due to travel conditions 🙃
  • My OB was supposed to call at 11:15. He didn’t until 1:35 and that made me late to pick up my kids 😬 I should have just left and answered in the pick up line at school. 
  • Also, strangely I’m jealous of all you and your blizzards. I wouldn’t mind being trapped at home with my family buried in snow this year. 😂😬
  • Tomorrow is going to go from 55 degrees to 14. Wtf, NY? I feel so bad for all of you already in the negatives. 🥶
  • My WTF is that head of 6 degree temps, it is POURING rain and 40 degrees now, and by 11am we’ll be below freezing and in single digits by dinner. What up, black ice!?

    I still need to run out to FedEx to ship some team gifts and Target for a few last minute items for husband. And I’m technically working all day 🫠 
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