2nd Trimester

Not feeling my baby move as much

I’m 19 weeks and 3 days today and I haven’t hardly felt baby move since Wednesday at my anatomy scan. I’m worried about her and just want to know if anyone else is in the same scenario or has had a similar situation 

Re: Not feeling my baby move as much

  • I didn’t feel my baby move at all until 20 weeks, and that was just once at the anatomy scan. My baby didn’t start moving really until closer to 22-24 weeks. I think that it’s pretty common for movement to be inconsistent until about week 28. I’m at 33 weeks, and he’s always moving now.
  • I didn't feel my baby move as much and after fretting for 3 days as it was most early on, I went for an ultrasound through the emergency room. 
    My baby was on his back so little kicks and movements were directed upwards and as he was so little, didn't really feel like anything to me. 
    For peace of mind, I would always suggest getting checked on, but also keep positive that it may be nothing wrong too. 
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  • Maybe get a baby Doppler. That way you can hear the baby’s heart beat any time you want. Might give you some piece of mind.
    They are around $70.
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