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Taking cara babies

Has anyone done the newborn sleep course from taking cara babies? My little one is 2 weeks old and I feel like I’m failing the whole nighttime sleep thing. If you’ve done her course- was it worth it? Did it help? Or what have you done to set up your brand new baby for good sleep habits that worked?

Re: Taking cara babies

  • Not worth it! If you are interested in sleep training then all of her information is basically already online for free. I think it's basically the Ferber method. Also for newborns she does the 5 s's that you can also find for free online I think it's Harvey Karp. But 2 weeks old is so young you are not failing!! We didn't end up sleep training at all and my 1 year old sleeps through the night 95% of the time. It all depends on the baby!
  • I did one of her courses through a friends account.  I agree it’s not very helpful when they’re so little.  Ours is 3 weeks old and the first couple weeks were hell at night.  It’s getting better (I think??) but he still just needs to eat a lot and there’s nothing we can do to avoid that.  The most helpful thing I learned from her course is “the pause”.  Sometimes our baby cries out in the night and my first instinct is to pick him up, but a lot of times he is totally asleep! 
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  • I haven't tried that one, but I have done multiple trainings on sleep. But here's the thing, there is NO sleep training you can do before 6 weeks, they're just not ready. Even then, their stomachs are too small for them to sleep through the night without needing to be fed. That's just the point where you can start putting strategies into place to set them up for success later (like putting them down to sleep while still awake so they can start learning to get back to sleep without your help). So there is absolutely no way you're failing at 2 weeks- you are totally at your baby's mercy! One of my local hospitals offered a free sleep class that was great. You might want you see what resources are available for free and/or in your community once you get to at least the 6 week mark. It may be helpful to start learning sooner just so you know it's normal and expected to not sleep through the night right now. 
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