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Check In w/o 12/12

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GTKY: FTM what holiday traditions are you excited to start with your baby? STM+ What is your favorite holiday tradition with your kid(s)?

Re: Check In w/o 12/12

  • @etnyah my husband isn't into decorating, so most of that falls on me. He helps if he sees I'm doing it, but will ask "are we done now?" after like 1/4 of the ornaments are on the tree. It's kind of annoying, but I know I'm way more into it, and find joy in it, while he thinks it's a chore. I think as the kids get more into it, so will he as he sees the joy it brings them.  
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  • @etnyah lol whoops! 😆 Definitely thought you meant your husband. Do you have traditions from your childhood to want to continue?
  • @scaredunprepared I do, but it’s all too labor intensive for me lol. My mom was a SAHM and I’m not, so I don’t have the time or energy to do all the elaborate things she did. Maybe I’ll figure out some less labor intensive versions. I am not designing and creating a new gingerbread castle from scratch every year, for example :D
  • @etnyah yeah that's nuts. That's what pre-made gingerbread house kits are for!
  • @etnyah I’ve also realized I’m not super into any of the traditions from my childhood. I think it’s because I grew up in a very small town so the traditions are different from what’s offered here. Being pregnant has been just what I needed to say no to the things I don’t want to do though. We had a nice relaxing weekend at home for the first time in a long time and it was so wonderful. 
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    EDD/Weeks+Days: 21w6d, due April 19

    Team blue/pink/green: pink 💗

    Upcoming Appointments: 12/20 heartbeat check

    How are you feeling?: Overall pretty good still! Feeling lots of movement lately! 

    Rants/Raves: Really looking forward to the upcoming holiday with my son! He’s 2.5 and really understands it more and is getting excited this year! 

    GTKY: FTM what holiday traditions are you excited to start with your baby? STM+ What is your favorite holiday tradition with your kid(s)? — on his first Christmas we purchased Christmas related books and wrote a letter to him on the inside cover about why we liked it & Christmas memories we made that year. We have continued that one - it’ll be really special to read those as he gets older. We also make special ornaments every year (he was super into it this year!) and then bake cookies to leave out for Santa! There are a few events we go to each year that our town holds that are really great for kids! 🎄


    EDD/Weeks+Days: 23 weeks, due 4/11

    Baby is the size of: nope

    Team blue/pink/green: Pink

    Upcoming Appointments: 1/12 for GD test & 28 week appointment.

    How are you feeling?: I’m feeling great. I’ve somehow managed to teach an entire semester without getting a cold, Covid, or the flu. I’m almost afraid to even type that. I do get a little achey at night, but I can deal with that as long as I don’t  any more middle of the night leg cramps. 

    A rave: We had our follow-up anatomy scan and everything looked great! She did not want to move around a ton, but they finally got to see everything that she was hiding the first time! 

    A rant: The bathroom renovation at our house is taking longer than expected due to the holidays. It appears that I will be living in construction chaos until the first week of January. 

    GTKY: FTM what holiday traditions are you excited to start with your baby? STM+ What is your favorite holiday tradition with your kid(s)? 
    FTM- I want to do it all! I plan on continuing to pick out a live tree, baking cookies, and reading a new holiday book each night before bed. There are also several fun events nearby, including a Polar Express train ride that I would love to make into a tradition. 

  • FTM
    EDD/Weeks+Days: 21w+2d die April 24
    Baby is the size of: an endive
    Team blue/pink/green: pink
    Upcoming Appointments: 12/21 AS!

    How are you feeling?: Pretty ok. I'm not super uncomfortable and have absolutely no sickness to speak of. Last week I had a 3 day tension headache that was a doozy! But since then I have been alright!

    Rants/Raves: My niece is coming in this weekend for the holidays! Itnis my brother's turn for Christmas this year and we are so excited to see her. He has 2 more daughters that live with him, but she was my first niece and I miss seeing her often. She is so excited to come to our house and spend time with us, it is such a special feeling. 

    GTKY: FTM what holiday traditions are you excited to start with your baby? STM+ What is your favorite holiday tradition with your kid(s)?
    My husband and I are both really excited about Christmas each year. I think we both want to do traditions of baking cookies (I have vintage cookie cutters from my grandma) and setting them out for Santa. I think we would like to try to create something together each year, either food or decorations so we can have a bonding experience for Christmas. We are both artists in our ways so creating things is something we really want to encourage for our kids.
  • @mcmanda4321 oh my gosh that is so scary! Falling is such a huge fear. I’m so glad both you and baby are okay!
  • nsk489nsk489 member
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    @mcmanda4321 so glad you and baby are ok!!

    When I was growing up, my mom got tired of dragging us away from our presents on Christmas morning to lug us around to grandparents, aunts/uncles houses, etc.  So she decided that we would be staying home on Christmas day and would go to whoever was hosting Christmas that year for dessert only (so not that crazy early dinner). It was really nice, took a lot of stress off of her, and we still got to see all family and exchange gifts with them. Both sets of grandparents would come see us during the daytime for a little and drop off presents. Not sure how close by all of your family lives but if they live somewhat nearby, maybe something like that (where they come to YOU) would work!
  • @mcmanda4321 definitely scary. So glad you and baby are both OK. I had a similar experience with my first ****TW I was rear ended and went to the hospital for monitoring **** It made me so cautious and anxious!


    EDD/Weeks+Days: 4/4, 24+2 I think

    Baby is the size of: canteloupe

    Team blue/pink/green: greennnnn!

    Upcoming Appointments: just had a cervical check and FFN test yesterday, looks good, cervix is long and closed
    How are you feeling?: good! Tues I was nauseous randomly, abs yesterday I had strange cramping immediately after my appointment, but thankfully it went away after resting. 

    Rant: hubby was home yesterday to watch the kids while i went to my appointment. He had the nerve to get mad at me for taking too long because he was getting frustrated watching our son. Our 
    daughter wasn't even home, I took her to school. He was only home with him for 2.5 hours and was so pissed. Like what the actual fuck? That's the whole reason he took off from work! Does he not realize I deal with this all day, every day???

    GTKY: STM+ What is your favorite holiday tradition with your kid(s)? We celebrate Christmas Eve (wigilia) with my family and extended family. It's a big deal, we fast all day until the first star is visible, then we feast on lots of fish and seafood, and kids open presents, and adults do a white elephant exchange. It's my favorite holiday!!! Christmas morning we have done lots of different things. Some years we stay over my sister's and open presents and have breakfast together and go to church. Then we either go to to hubby's side of the family or stay at my sister's. Or years we have Cinnamon rolls at home and open presents at our leisure. Honestly, Christmas has been kind of weird and different since having kids because covid and having newborns aroind Christmas, but I'm excited about it going back to normal hopefully. As for ways we celebrate winter/pre Christmas, we decorate together listening to Christmas music, and this year we started a tradition of a drive through light show and hay ride!
  • @mcmanda4321 falls are so scary! I'm glad everything is ok with you and baby, and I hope the rest of the way is smooth sailing!

    @scaredunprepared I would be so pissed if H was irritated after a couple of hours. Parenting is not just about living in the good moments. We all have to take our turns here, and you need to be able to go to your appointment without worrying about taking care of your son at the same time. Especially if he can take the day off to step in. Boo. 
  • FTM/STM/TTM+: stm

    EDD/Weeks+Days: 23 weeks 3 day, due April 12th

    Baby is the size of: 

    Team blue/pink/green: pink

    Upcoming Appointments: sometime in the first week of January for a check up and 1 hour gtt

    How are you feeling?: so far pretty good, still tired a lot but I think that's more because I have a hard time sleeping at night most nights. Other than that I've been feeling pretty good

    Rants/Raves: so glad I have been feeling the baby kick more frequently, usually every day now! It's definitely a relief since I feel like I've been so anxious this entire time lol. Really no rants, everything has been pretty great lately!

    GTKY: FTM what holiday traditions are you excited to start with your baby? STM+ What is your favorite holiday tradition with your kid(s)?
    Growing up, we always put up christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving and we listened to Christmas music and drank hot chocolate while we did it. My dad would always add a little extra chocolate and whipped cream on top to make it special haha. So I like to do those things with my daughter who is almost 2 and a half. She had a blast helping me decorate this year and actually did a really good job! As for the actual day of, we always have stuff planned on christmas eve and day. Normally we go to my in laws on christmas eve and my family christmas day but this year it's flipped since my brother in law and his wife are in town on Christmas day. Usually I cook a big breakfast on christmas morning (my mom always referred to it as hillbilly breakfast lol. But it's bacon, eggs, and biscuits and gravy from scratch) but I don't think I'll have time this year. I would like to make it our christmas morning tradition though
  • @scaredunprepared my husband and I actually had a fight about this same thing last week. Even though he isn’t working right now he wanted me to take the day off to stay home with our sick son. The fight ended me me yelling about how frustrating it is that he can’t hand our our son when he is sick. 
  • @iiirene I'm so sorry. It is incredibly frustrating, because are they not also parents??? 😤 
  • I think I missed last week while on our babymoon so catching up now. 😊

    EDD/Weeks+Days: 23 weeks last week
    Baby is the size of: 🤷‍♀️
    Team blue/pink/green: Having another girl!
    Upcoming Appointments: glucose test 12/21
    How are you feeling?: great! 
    Rants/Raves: Our babymoon was fabulous. ❤️
    GTKY: FTM what holiday traditions are you excited to start with your baby? STM+ What is your favorite holiday tradition with your kid(s)? We need to make more. I love that we have decided to stay home for Christmas every year and will be spending it at home. After literally traveling back to our hometown every year for over a decade we put a hard boundary in place that we will no longer travel for Christmas. Our family traditions on 12/23, 12/24, and 12/25 will carry on in our memories but we will be starting new ones with our own kids, without the stress of traveling and shuffling between houses. 

  • @ladyofarlington glad you had a great time on your babymoon! Where did you go?
  • @ladyofarlington nice! I'm so jealous, never been to Hawaii!
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