2month old doesn't like breastfeeding anymore

Help my two month old doesn't like breastfeeding anymore, he cries when I try to give him my breast but will drink my milk if I express it in a bottle.
Lately I've been trying to trick him, giving him the bottle letting him suck a bit and then removing it and quickly putting my breast to his mouth which he sucks but once he realises he spits it out, he's catching on each time. Will I ever get him to like breastfeeding again?

Re: 2month old doesn't like breastfeeding anymore

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    I'd suggest getting a lactation consultant. It should be covered by insurance if you're in the US. You may even be able to get someone who will come to your house. Look for someone who is a IBCLC, that's the gold standard for lactation consultants. I'm sure they'll have seen this before and have some great ideas!
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    Try a nipple shield!
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