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Gender prediction boy or girl

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Can experts help to know whether I will have a girl or boy from ultrasound pics

Re: Gender prediction boy or girl

  • Dude. At what point do the Bump Gods notice that a good chunk of these newbie accounts are obviously bots/spammers? They either post weird links or grammatically garbage sentences/questions like this one. There used to be a waiting period to avoid this nonsense. 
  • kimworldkimworld Just Joined
    I m trying to post my baby pic just to guess it but not able to
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  • The “experts” you are looking for are the ultrasound tech and the physician you see. What did they say? I would trust what they say over anyone else. We aren’t experts and don’t do gender/sex guesses here. If you are as far along as we all are, your provider should be able to give you a reasonable answer. 
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