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Monday Bitchfest 12/5

Re: Monday Bitchfest 12/5

  • I always hate a Monday morning back to work after a mini vacation lol. I have no motivation. Lately I've just had no motivation for work or exercise at all and it just makes me feel like a slug. I feel frumpy. I haven't lifted or really exercised in general in weeks. My arms look fat and I just feel like I've "let myself go" pregnant or not. It's such a bad feeling. I'm just feeling sorry for myself and I'm in my own head about it! 
  • My bitchfest (again?) is that I'm super regretting agreeing to be the den leader for DS1's scout troop. Literally every Sunday night/Monday morning I start to dread the evening. Could have something to do with me not planning ahead whatsoever and scrambling to make a plan for the kids every week?? But also I'm so pregnant and tired and it just feels like such a chore, and I already have plenty of chores to do at home. 

    My much smaller bitchfest is that DH had been sick for well over a week. Saturday night he was starting to feel better and had mentioned once his stomach was back to normal Chinese food sounded good. Perfect, I had been craving a particular Chinese place for like 2 days at that point! I was like great, we can get Chinese for dinner tomorrow! Guess who didn't get Chinese for dinner last night because her husband still wasn't up to it? I don't blame him for not wanting to go when he still wasn't feeling good, but food-based letdowns hit me sooo hard when I'm pregnant, like it was hard not to cry haha. And of course we can't even have it tonight because of scouts!! So I'm dragging everyone to Chinese Tuesday night and they're gonna like it.
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  • @hitcj4687 that's the worst. We went to Omaha in September, just under 3 hours from where we live. It was supposed to be a fun, quick weekend getaway for the family for my birthday and coming back to life afterwards was miserable. I had no motivation whatsoever, and honestly ever since I got pregnant and sick, work definitely is getting a lesser version of me. I also was going on miles long walks every day at lunch, doing yoga in the evenings, etc. And that all fell off instantly when morning sickness started. It's hard to not feel like my bump is just me being fat. I hate feeling this way, it's so defeating. Fingers crossed we both can make some headway both mentally and physically to feel better. 
  • @thescarletmom I love Chinese food!! Now I want that instead of the salad I was going to make tonight, but we too have scouts tonight and I don't even feel like attending, let alone leading!!! I've only gained about 5 pounds so far but I feel like I've gained 15 at least! My body is doing something amazing and I know that! But I had worked really hard to lose weight and get in really good shape and then I got pregnant and all of that has left me! My motivation is so bad with the nausea/vomiting and I am sure I sound ridiculous,  but I'm definitely in my feelings about it! 
  • @hitcj4687 the cherry on top with scouts is that basically every single week DS1 talks about how much he loves scouts and he's so happy to go and can't wait for the next meeting. Which is huge for him, because he is a chronic quitter!! when it comes to activities. Dance, baseball, swim, you name it. But he loves scouts so I feel like a jerk for not being excited on his behalf.

    I'm not sure if I've rolled back around to gaining weight yet after everything I've lost (I avoid the scale), but I know seeing the numbers tick up will hurt, even though you're right, the body is doing something beautiful and wonderful! And boy I for sure am right there with you on the nausea/vomiting being a huge motivation suck. I have been in my feelings about all the little changes too and they've felt so impossibly hard someday. 
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    My bitch is that none of my freaking pants fit me. I bought some really cute maternity jeans and tried to wear them on Friday to work but they’re like weirdly short on me and the inseam isn’t right so they kind of made my thighs rub and hurt. And they ride down so much because they’re the full panel kind so I’m having to fuss and tug at them. And it’s too cold where I live to wear anything exposing my ankles.  I have no earlthly idea how to buy any of this stuff because this is my first pregnancy and I don’t have many friends with kids. 

    I ordered some maternity work pants from Maurice’s because they are one of the only places I’ve found that does longs but everything is taking forever to even be processed. I want to wait to see if I like these before buying a pair of jeans. If any other tall mommas have denim suggestions I am all ears though! 
  • @mindfulmomma2022 ugh buying maternity is the worst. I wish I had advice but I have the opposite problem in that I'm way too tiny for basically any maternity pants. I'm short and small, so I just look like I'm playing dress up and not in a cute way. My solution so far as been thick tights and dresses, which won't work much longer as the Midwestern temps drop lower.
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    @thescarletmom I’m from the Midwest too! 
    That’s such a good way to explain it, like I’m playing dress up but not in a cute way lol! 
    I ordered some waist band bump covers hoping I could just wear my old jeans and cover up the zipper part but that’s a major pain too and my husband said “I remember when girls in middle school would layer like three tank tops. That’s kind of what it looks like”. His heart was in the right place but dude, shut up. Lol 

    Also I’m jealous of your Chinese food tomorrow. That has been a major craving for me this week too! 
  • @mindfulmomma2022 I ordered from Maurice's for their long options too and was so disappointed to find they were still too short on me, hopefully you have better luck!
  • @potato3000 love you user name! lol 
    I really hope so too because this stuff is also super expensive for something I know I’m only going to wear for a few months! 
  • @mindfulmomma2022 the struggle is real with maternity jeans! I'm on the taller side, and honestly it's hit or miss for me with lots of returns. My first pregnancy I did a Stitch fix maternity box, and that worked out best because they had my measurements.

    My other tip is high, thick socks under boots to fill in any ankle gaps!
  • Maternity clothes are such a necessary evil for me. I literally gave all mine away because I didn’t think I’d have another baby and here we are. Not looking forward to buying things again just to have them be uncomfy and not fit😫
  • Continuing on the theme of maternity clothes complaints: I'm already so sick of full panel leggings and pants that press on my stomach. But I hate under the bump styles more, because I'm constantly pulling them up. I wish I could wear my trusty joggers to work, but alas! 😭
  • @peyts228 I cannot stand under the bump jeans/pants, but I did have a pair of Old Navy maternity pants last pregnancy that were like that and I actually loved them. Too bad I gave them away to my cousin. I'm also super sensitive to the pressure on my belly from the full panel this time around, and it was never an issue I had before. It's making it so much harder to get dressed this time, and I had way more leeway with work clothes in previous pregnancies too. Gah!
  • I bought cheap maternity leggings online from motherhood maternity (i think) for my first pregnancy a couple years ago. they stretch to cover a full sized bump and are comfy. They are really thin (potential downside), but they are nice and loose on the belly and i have been wearing them ever since i bought them and now into my second pregnancy. I cannot wear pants that sit low because it makes me feel like my pants are falling down
  • I have two pairs of maternity jeans, one over the bump and one under, and they both just fall down. Also one is at least a size too small so I can’t button even my maternity jeans, and then the other is at least a size too big! 😭 I’ll be checking thrift stores to see if I can find any deals. 
    Why does everything fall down?? And also at the same time somehow put too much pressure on the bump? I’m wearing dresses most days. :/
  • @annemarie96 I need to get new maternity jeans because I'm sick of them falling down and my postpartum support blanqis are now too small, I pushed them to their limit and the waistband is so uncomfortable. Kidizen sometimes has really good bargains on maternity jeans if you don't mind paying for shipping, I hope you find something! 
  • @kalesix3 Thanks! I’m sure I’ll figure it out. I’ve been kind of waiting to see how much wait I put back on after starting to eat again. Not sure what size I’ll be. I’ll start looking  though. 
  • I wanna complain about the fake people on this app! What is with that??? Who wants to join an app and troll pregnant women? 
  • @hitcj4687 who do you mean?? How can you tell if someone’s fake?
  • That’s really creepy. 
  • My bitchfest is that I've had a different bug 4 times over the last 4 weeks. Not only am I dealing with pregnancy symptoms, but sick on top of that. Yesterday I literally told myself even though I have nausea all day at least I'm not throwing up. Welp, as of last night from my new bug I am doing that too 🤦‍♀️
  • My first pregnancy I had a huge tub of maternity clothes my sister-in-law let me use and I added some of my own as well. I passed it back to her for her second pregnancy, but they got rid of them all when they recently moved 😢 I'm starting over in the buying maternity clothes game... Thankful for the Black Friday deals. 
  • @annemarie96 it looks like the post was deleted now, but it was definitely a fake account. Usually by the way things are worded you can tell its a fake account.  It happens on these apps and it's ridiculous to me, but it happens! The one yesterday was like "Cathy's sister in law" was the username and it was two different accounts in the thread that were clearly fake. 
  • @hitcj4687 lol that post made me laugh. It was so silly. Lol
  • I’M SICK AGAIN. I’ve never been so sick back to back in my other pregnancies. This is utterly exhausting and frustrating. 
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    @hitcj4687 f’n Cathy and her damn sister in law 😂
  • @maddmama I’m so sorry! That’s rough!
  • @maddmama @francesgs I have like no time in my life for the mandatory things I need to do, let alone to create fake accounts as cathys sister in law and troll pregnant women 😂😂😂 it's bizarre to me! 
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