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TW threatened miscarriage/ blighted ovum

Almost three weeks ago on Saturday the 12th I went in to the er for spotting and passing a clot. They told me after blood work and an ultrasound that I’m measuring only 5. +3 when I should’ve been 7 weeks. My hcg levels didn’t double from when I had my pregnancy confirmation a week before. Continued spotting for two more weeks, went and saw my doctor this past Monday the 28th. She said everything looks fine but still couldn’t see a yolk sac or anything at 6 weeks. She said she might see some action going on and pulled up the noise and it kept pointing when it went up saying there was something there. I bled for a couple days after having the transvaginal with her and ended up in the er again yesterday because I filled up a panty liner when I woke up and then wiped showing a very little string. Er told me that my cervix is still closed and my hcg levels went up to 13,000 but they are still not doubling and still not seeing a yolk sac. Started bleeding today with little gushes of bright red blood. I’m not sure if it’s from having another transvaginal u/s or the start of a miscarriage. I’m not having any cramping either. So I’m worried I might have blighted ovum but I’m still not sure. Going in next Wednesday for another u/s

Re: TW threatened miscarriage/ blighted ovum

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