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3 month old hearing

Hi our baby just turned 3 months old. When she was born she passed the hearing test at the hospital. Everything has been good until yesterday. My wife and I got into an argument. She put our baby down in a swing and walked about 10 feet away to me and yelled at the top of her lungs for like 5 seconds. I saw baby jump and she started crying. It obviously spooked her. We went to console her and she was fine after a minute or 2. 

anyways I am worried about her hearing being impacted from the screaming. The one good thing is she wasn’t in our arms when the screaming happened but like I said about 10 feet away. 

Could she suffer permanent hearing loss after this event? Or any damage you think? How can we test her hearing at home. 

Thank you from an anxious dad

Re: 3 month old hearing

  • I'm a teacher of the deaf, so I know a lot about hearing. A parent yelling from 10 ft away would not cause permanent hearing loss. There is basically zero chance this caused damage to your child's hearing. Taking her to a concert, watching construction vehicles, visiting a shooting range, etc. all have that possibility, but not an unamplified human voice at that distance. Noise exposure is a real concern, but that's louder noises and for a longer period of time. Noise induced hearing loss is also cumulative, so listening to loud music as a child may not show a noticable impact during childhood but will over time.

    If you ever want your baby's hearing tested because you're concerned, ask your pediatrician for a referral to a pediatric audiologist.
  • I'm an audiologist and agree with the other response. This won't cause permanent hearing damage 
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