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Expecting family gifts

Hi all! New to the community and would love opinions! I am just over 13 weeks pregnant and just announced my pregnancy to mine and my husband’s immediate family and they are thrilled! With xmas just around the corner I was thinking how cute it would be to get grandma//grandpa, mugs, etc. as gifts for the family. Is that too early? My husband thinks it’ might be weird to give out those kinds of gifts before the baby is born so now I’m torn! I’ll be around 4 months then. Curious what others have done! 

Thanks all!

Re: Expecting family gifts

  • It's relatively common that people give those sorts of gifts to announce their pregnancy, so it's not too early if you want to do that. One thing I would avoid is things with baby's birth month/stone etc. because you never know if he'll be early or late. Personally, we didn't/don't plan on doing that. I'm the last of my generation to have a baby (my mom's been a grandma for over 20 years, my husband's mom for 14), so while I'm pregnant with my first and it's so exciting for us, the novelty has long gone for the rest of my family, unfortunately.
  • Thanks and congrats to you and your husband! Good tip on excluding specific dates, etc. 
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