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4 miscarriages, what’s next?

Still dealing with the aftermath of my fourth miscarriage this year (major cramps and tissue passing even 10 days after D&C), and I just don’t know what to do next! We’ve tested everything, including genetics in both my husband and I.

Our last baby had Trisomy 13 and we lost her at almost 10 weeks. Waiting for the testing to come back on this recent baby tissue.

But what else is there to test? Everything is physically fine with my uterus and whole reproductive system, I’ve got all my hormones balanced out and various things supplemented like iron. I’m extremely good at falling pregnant, just can’t seem to stay pregnant.

Only thing I can think of next is DNA fragmentation sperm test for my husband. Any other recommendations?

Re: 4 miscarriages, what’s next?

  • @bumababy Are you working with an RE for all of your tests?  If not, I'd highly recommend it. They should be able to look over all the testing that you've had and let you know if there are additional tests you need.  If you don't feel you've had enough tests with your current RE, please seek a 2nd opinion (as I think a requirement to be an RE is to be a pompous a-hole with NO bedside manner).  It's possible you may need to consider IVF or some other form of ART.  Additionally, if your PGs made it far enough for you to test the tissue, then the RE's should be able to glean more information in what may (or may not) be a problem with you remaining PG.

    Also, please be aware that statistically speaking, around 50% of us with RPL end up having an 'unexplained' diagnosis after all of our testing.  Despite that, about 50% of us unexplained RPL peeps end up going on to have a baby with no medical intervention (obviously, lots of things like age, health, number of losses, etc. go into that stat).  It really sucks to have RPL, where 2 pink lines don't mean "YAY a baby" but only the first hurdle in a LONG PG that ends with no living baby.  I'm sorry for your losses.  
    *TW All the Loss* #BitterHagPartyOf1

    October 2015 - 1st MC.  7-8 weeks along. Suspected molar PG, but luckily just a MMC.

    June 2016 - 2nd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    September 2016 - 3rd MC: 4-5 weeks CP

    RE 1: ALL the testing - 'unexplained'  "Yinz can do IVF or try on your own"

    Feb 2017 - 4th MC: 6 weeks

    RE 2: More tests. Still 'unexplained.'  Called fat for an entire hour-long appointment, cried a lot

    Feb 2019 - 5th MC: 6-7 weeks

    IUD - March 2019-March 2023

    RE 3:  Repeat all the tests. Hoping to try IVF.

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