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Losing weight during first trimester

My weight before pregnancy was 129 lbs and now it is 119 lbs. Is this normal , does anybody else experience this ? Is this normal ?

Re: Losing weight during first trimester

  • you can you can post this question to a thread. That could go in the weekly symptom thread. 
  • @annemarie96 the same thing is happening to me.. i weighted 129 pre baby and am down to 122. Did your doctor prescribe you anything? I got on zofran. I never want to eat and the smell of everything makes me sick. I feel like my little one is just sucking the life out of me. You’re not alone!
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  • Guys, this really is fine. As long as you began within a healthy weight range you’re good. You’ll gain it back later on most likely. I was pretty thin but within a healthy range with my first kid and lost almost 15 pounds in 3 weeks. Then nausea went away and I gained the perfect amount by the end of pregnancy. 
    Obviously if you get severely dehydrated or lightheaded because you’re not getting any food down, then you need help. Meds, or IV fluids. But you’ll know if you need that. To me it has little to do with the scale and a lot more to do with how you’re feeling. 
    It’s hard. They do literally suck the life out of you. 
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