Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

TFMR but having second thoughts

At my 14 week ultrasound with the MFM doctors they told me they see a deformation in the baby’s arms. This obviously was a complete and utter shock and felt this can’t be right so we had a follow up ultrasound 2 weeks later which ended up being 3 week due to having covid the week of the 2 week ultrasound and now they confirmed it is true they can’t see two bones in the forearms which also look short and hard to see baby’s hands. They told me to come back two weeks later but didn’t think anything will change in that time. I’ve decided with my fiancé to terminate the pregnancy but something is telling me this isn’t right or how could this be happening to us as I’ve never heard any similar cases. My obgyn basically told me it’s our decision what to do and gave me basically no guidance in my decision. Just wondering if anyones had anything similar. I’m hopeful we can try again but the pain and heartbreak of going through this once is enough to last us both a lifetime. Baby was very much planned and we were the happiest in our 18 year relationship at the age of 34 just feel it could be due to age or prior endometriosis issues maybe as my NIPT came back negative. I did get an amino last week at the ultrasound so waiting on those results. Just don’t know what to think or feel and I’m scared out of my wits to have to deliver at 18/19 weeks now. 
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