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Weekly Symptoms 11/21

How are we all feeling? 

Re: Weekly Symptoms 11/21

  • Sorry I've been MIA- DD1.5, DD4 and I have all had the flu since Thursday. This is literally the sickest I've ever been since having kids. Fever, chills, headache, stuffy nose and horrible cough (COVID tests all negative). My midwives advised against taking Tylenol today, which I have been talking here and there for the last few days as my only possible relief, so now I'm totally stressing out that I did something wrong 😞. Just hoping and praying we all get better soon 💕. Hope everyone here is faring better!
  • @sunny_native14 I've missed seeing you around though I've been fairly mia too as my fatigue hits an all time high. I'm so sorry to hear how sick your whole house has been, gosh I hope everyone gets better asap 🤞🏻 I keep seeing things about new advisories against Tylenol because of autism concerns and lawsuits but I haven't really dug into what's fact and what's fiction. We were all advised to only take acetaminophen in pregnancy a few years ago and now it's only ibuprofen but not in the first trimester, it's so confusing. I'm sorry for the added stress, it's no fun to worry you did something wrong. 💔
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    @sunny_native14 oh no! I hope you all feel better soon! 

    I’m 10 weeks today and I’ve been pretty tired all last week and today.. it’s the worst it’s been. I cannot wait to be out of the first trimester lol I need my energy back! I have an appt tomorrow where we’ll do nipt blood work and listen to baby’s heartbeat.. so I’m excited for that. 

  • @sunny_native14 I’m so sorry you’re going through that! I’ve been sick too and it SUCKS!

    You’re almost definitely fine with the Tylenol you’ve taken. I’ve been told in the past that they just don’t want us to take it too many days in a row, so that’s probably why they told you to stop.
  • I was excited I made it a whole two days without throwing up, and then I threw up. I feel massive. My belly seriously feels huge. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow and I seriously look like I'm well into my second trimester. I don't understand it!! Im sooooo fatigued. I wish I could have endless cups of coffee. One just isn't enough. 
  • so much mucus for me right now. It’s the absolute worst. I gag literally all day long. Very fatigued too, but coffee is making me so sick this pregnancy. I hope that doesn’t last….
    @sunny_native14 I’m so sorry you’re all sick. Being pregnant and sick is a special kind of torture. My kids just recovered from hand foot and mouth and just started coughing again today so that’s a real bummer
  • It should definitely be a crime to be sick and pregnant (or when you have little kids in general). Starting to feel like the clock is ticking before our house gets it, I know the sick season is really going around!

    Anybody else have like, exclusively the most vivid and usually bad dreams while pregnant? I swear I keep having dreams of awful things happening that seem so real I have to reorient myself when I wake up. 
  • @thescarletmom it’s either vivid nightmares or vivid sex dreams. There’s no in between 
  • @cassafrass123 omg exactly! It's so weird. My libido is always higher during pregnancy so I've wondered if all the sex dreams are because of that? Last pregnancy everybody was fair game 🤦‍♀️ I had dreams about tons of random people in my life or even people I hadn't seen in years and felt like a huge perv! Thankfully it's only been DH so far this time. 
  • Definitely been having vivid dreams but no sex dreams and yes very fatigue last Friday I could barely keep my eyes open or even have the energy to do my job ! 

    My breast are getting really tender now and have on and off firery nipples but my nausea is slowly fading been able to eat more and more now I will be 11 weeks on Thursday 
  • The vivid dreams is how I knew I was pregnant before I really knew I was pregnant! Unfortunately I have always had bad nightmares, pregnant or not, so they're way worse when I'm pregnant. 
  • @hitcj4687 I'm the same, most of my dreams are nightmares or at minimum weird and unsettling. They just ramp up in intensity when I'm pregnant! 
  • @thescarletmom we really do have a lot in common lol
  • I'm having my first real dizzy day this pregnancy. I got dizzy all the time when pregnant with my first, but I forgot how disconcerting it can be!
  • @peyts228 oh no! Being dizzy is the worst! I definitely feel like im prone to dizzy spells when pregnant, and they've started happening to me this week too. We were at the grocery store the other night and my husband asked me a question, and when I turned to look at him I felt so dizzy I had to stop mid-response and grab onto the cart to steady myself. He made me go out to the car and wait while he finished shopping. I was so disoriented, and just felt so strange. 
  • @thescarletmom glad your husband was looking out for you! Pregnancy is such a wild ride, I never know what new symptoms the day will bring!
  • Count me in with the nightmares and bizarre sex dreams, nobody is safe from my pregnancy hormone fueled spicy dreams. It's so embarrassing but also I can't help it so I'll just roll with it. 
    My nightmares have always been really frequent, it's how my brain handles all my childhood trauma but I noticed in pregnancy I have more nightmares about me being terrible and awful which absolutely sucks... Like I had this dream I left for a trip and I left my two year old all alone locked in the house with nothing to eat or drink and in my dream I started hyperventilating until I woke up yelling and sobbing. It's the WORST. I would never ever do that but my brain is like... Guess what you're the most horrible person alive now, get used to it 😭 I hate it. 
  • @kalesix3 oh thank god I was starting to worry I was the only horndog lol. Literally the most random people show up in those dreams. Like why the kid who lived up the street from me in middle school? But I'll take those over the nightmares. All of my pregnancy nightmares have the theme of me/someone being abandoned in some way. My husband dies or divorces me, I get kidnapped or die and nobody shows up to my funeral, or my husband murders me sort of stuff. I've woken up more than once sobbing about my husband leaving me. Dreams where bad things happen to your kids, especially when it's your fault (in the dream), are the WORST that sucks so bad, I'm sorry. I really think brains could lay off on doing that kind of stuff
  • Mine aren’t bad per se, but they are suuuupper vivid! And with people in them I haven’t seen in literal years. So weird!
  • I have these dreams too, really weirds me out with how random the people are! Never looked at those people that way before. 🤢
    And the ones where you do something terrible to your kids, like neglecting them in some way. I’ll wake up sobbing, feeling like I’ve been fighting a battle with my own mind. Makes for very restful sleep. 🤣

    I didn’t puke for a few days, just had big waves of nausea that I could outlast. But last yesterday I puked so much it triggered a bad headache and a raw, sore throat. I’m too nauseated to take any Tylenol so I just dealt with the pain all through the night. I’m so miserable right now, and I’m really upset about it because I was starting to feel functional! 

    Also, I’ve never heard anything about Tylenol not being safe??? That’s what I was told to use in pregnancy. 😬 I don’t take it often though. 
  • @thescarletmom lol no I'm right there with you! I used to be afraid the dreams meant I had horribly repressed my sexuality or something monstrous but nope just hormones to blame 😂 
    I wouldn't like to dream my partner murdered or abandoned me, those dreams sound horrible too. I think most dreams of that caliber show us what our subconscious buries and is afraid of. Being abandoned and betrayed while you're at your most vulnerable state ie pregnant or being afraid to accidentally kill the people you love more than life are really rational fears. It definitely still sucks even knowing that though, like I already deal with intrusive thoughts do I have to have the nightmares too?! Ugh. 

    @annemarie96 honestly I don't know what's real and what's internet fear mongering about Tylenol. It could all be fake news, if your Dr or midwife says it's fine I'm sure it is. 
    I'm sorry the vomiting came back with a vengeance, I really hope it was just a short spell and you're back to feeling better asap 🤞🏻🤞🏻 the raw throat from vomiting so much is the worst 😢 I'm so sorry! 
  • Im just grateful that my symptoms are starting to subside. I’m less nauseous, finally sleeping through the night again, and am hungry. Woo hoo!
    i was worried for a minute, but then today my nipt test came back all low risk, so double yay!
  • I feel like everything with this second pregnancy is set to fast forward! My bump is already hard to hide, and I've had Braxton Hicks the last couple of days. I though I was imagining the BH, but apparently they can start as early as first tri.
  • I was so hoping the nausea and vomiting would get better soon but every night, I cannot keep down dinner. Tonight we did "around the world" Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We all contributed dishes from different countries. It was amazing!! But then.... I threw it all up. It's getting old🙄 12 weeks on Tuesday. I'm hoping for a smoother second trimester lol
  • @hitcj4687 I hope you get some second tri relief soon! 
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