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Baby shower at work

My coworkers have planned a baby shower for me at work, which I am so excited and grateful for.  I just found out I am going to be induced early for health reasons, so it turns out that the shower they planned for me is on my second to last day before maternity leave.

Do you think it would be appropriate to make a tray of homemade sweets and do a whole group thank you on my last day (the day after my shower) in place of individual thank you cards? There’s no way I’d be able to get all the cards done in time before I go out! I don’t want to offend anyone but also don’t love the idea of having to write all those individual cards right after I have a baby. Help!

Re: Baby shower at work

  • I guess it really depends on your relationship with the people you work with. One of the ladies in the office I work with did individual cards to all the girls(minus me cause I didn’t participate) and another lady did like you and did sweets/lunch for the girls that did something for her shower 
  • I ended up having to go off early on sick leave a few days before my work shower. I still went to it.  I sent a bunch of thank you texts the day of to everyone I had in my phone.

    I fully plan on sending a thank-you email with a photo once the baby is born. I was also going to send in some treats as a thank-you / Christmas tidings. Individual thank you cards are slowly becoming an outdated tradition I find and just end up in the recycling anyways!  (I am doing for relatives/people who attended my family shower though as they are older and it’s still the etiquette) 
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  • I used to work at a small office and the standard there was just a thank you card to the group and we'd hang it on our wall of thank you cards the office had received over the years. Maybe a group thank you card and the sweets?
  • I think your plan sounds perfect. I had a work shower last week. 3 people bought individual gifts and a group of 6 (my smaller part of the department) went in on a gift card together. I wrote individual cards for the 3, and a group email plus made cake for the 6.
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