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Daycare propping 4 month old to feed

I found out today that our daycare has been propping our 4 month old in a Boppy on the floor to give her her bottle, and letting our 4 month old hold the bottle herself to eat. When asked about it, their response was that our daughter frequently won’t take the bottle if she’s being held (because she looks around for the breast to be breastfed instead and refuses the bottle), and/or pushes the adult’s hands away and wants to hold the bottle herself. They also said that she has been doing this since she started there at 3 months old. The daycare said an adult is sitting next to her the whole time, and that this is normal, that all the babies there are fed this way.

My previous belief and understanding was that this is dangerous, as the baby is more likely to choke, and pooling of milk be detrimental to teeth development, ear canals, etc. Am I crazy for being upset to find out that the daycare is feeding our daughter this way, or is this truly a normal and acceptable practice?

Re: Daycare propping 4 month old to feed

  • I definitely wouldn't be comfortable with that, personally.
  • I do not think you are in the wrong here. I would address this with them as directly as possible. Don’t be argumentative, but stand your ground. My son is 6 months old and still doesn’t hold his bottle to feed. He can, but when he does it on his own he ingests wayyyy more air because he drops it and has to wrestle to grab it again. They can deal with your baby hunting a boob for a couple of days and work through it to teach her how to take a bottle while still being held. If they won’t, can you consider other facilities? I know that’s not always an option, but it may be worth it if you don’t have a good enough relationship with them for them to follow your instructions. 
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  • My daughter (4.5m) has been holding her own bottle since 3m. So, though my preference would be for her to be held while fed, my primary focus is whatever gets her nourished.
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