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Holiday Rules

Okay mommas, what are you doing about holidays? Normal Thanksgiving? Small Thanksgiving? Christmas ? Skip Christmas? Mew years? This is my first baby and I'm just getting so anxious about holiday get togethers and germs. Not sure if I'm being over the top or not with some of my current plans. Due early December. 

Re: Holiday Rules

  • My mom's flying in and staying for Christmas. She knows I want her to take a covid-19 rapid test and mask up for a few days till we get test results. 
    As far as Thanksgiving goes, I'm just staying home. ( can't fly out of state anyhow. Lol.) I don't think your alone here with protecting your little like we all are.
    I plan on making good use of mobile order pick-up for non-WIC items this holiday season. I know on etsy they sell sign badges to let people hands off the baby when you have them in tow out and about.
    I'm fully prepared to smack hands first and ask questions later for whoever DARES to peek inside my covered carseat when its not a medical provider. No icky hands from strangers. You won't know who's carrying what this holiday season with no mask mandate.❤✌🏽
  • We’re skipping large family get togethers for Christmas this year, and are staying home for New Years. My parents are going to spend Christmas with us at our house, and my husbands parents will get New Years. Everyone is wearing N95s on the plane to get to us and was asked to get flu shots, covid boosters and tdap. 
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  • We asked the grandparents to get Tdap (they already had Covid and flu shots).  My husbands family somehow thinks we will be at the big extended family Christmas but there is no way I feel comfortable with that.  

    I plan to invite the grandparents over on Christmas Day and that’s it.  We will be asking grandparents. great grandparents, and my sister-in-law’s family to mask up when holding baby for now! 

    Extended family will have to wait to meet baby until I feel more comfortable! 
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