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No heartbeat detected

so today I went into my doctors office for confirmation of pregnancy. I’m supposed to be 9weeks 1 day today (LMP 9-11-22) The urine test came back positive (as suspected) and for some unknown reason the nurse practitioner that saw me today also just wanted to do a quick sonogram to make sure the pregnancy was in the uterus. Well, we saw a beautiful lil blob lol an embryo measuring at 8 weeks & 4 days but she didn’t see any “cardiac activity”. She told me not to worry, that it’s an old ultrasound machine and that it doesn’t confirm anything. So now I’m scheduled next week for a real sonogram at the hospital with the newer machines. Needless to say I’m freaking out. I went from elated about my pregnancy to now being in limbo. Has anyone ever had no heartbeat to later get a second one and all be ok? 

I’m going to be honest. I don’t think she should’ve said anything to me. I just think she should’ve scheduled me for another US and have them confirm or deny her suspicions. Because now having put that doubt in my mind and having to wait till next week Tuesday is going to be hell for me. 


Re: No heartbeat detected

  • @jesstoribio Heartbeat can still be difficult to pick up at 8 weeks, especially on a less-than-sensitive machine. My midwife had some trouble finding my baby at my 8wk appointment and it was incredibly nervewracking. While I can empathize with the anxiety, NPs are highly trained, and it's very common to do dating ultrasounds at pregnancy confirmation appointments. I think it was the right call from a medical standpoint to fully disclose to you what they saw at your appointment. Like if you were being tested for cancer, but didnt know that that was even a possibility/what they were testing for. It might increase your anxiety to know and have to wait, but informed healthcare should always be the standard. I'm sorry you're feeling so anxious about your scan! There's nothing worse than worrying about your baby. I'll cross my fingers for you that your next scan is clear and baby looks perfect.
  • @thescarletmom you’re absolutely right. From a medical standpoint she was just following protocol. I’m just a nervous wreck. I’m hoping and praying that this is just a case of a bad sono machine and that I’ll see a strong heartbeat next week. Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I appreciate you :)
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  • @jesstoribio it's so hard! I've had a number of losses myself and the "scan-xiety" is a beast of a thing. I don't fault you at all for feeling defeated or frustrated with the circumstances, out of anyone's control as they are. 
  • If it makes you feel any better, I was somewhere right around that time when I had ultrasound. 8.1-8.5, somewhere in that week. 
    And she found the heartbeat and it was 176, nice and fast and everything. But I was shocked how “weak” it looked on the screen. Like the equipment was just barely able to pick it up. She said that was normal and didn’t mean the heartbeat was weak. 
    I hope that makes sense. So probably the machine didn’t quite pick it up, but it’s really possible baby’s heartbeat is super strong! They’re just so small I guess. 
  • @annemarie96 I absolutely understand what you mean and im holding on to that possibility that maybe the machine had a difficult time picking it up. But I don’t want to like go off the deep end and break down at the hospital so im also going to prepare myself mentally that it’s a possibility that my baby’s heart did just stop. I’ve never been though any pregnancy loss before so this is like hard to even think about. You see it happen to so many women and it’s so unfortunate and heartbreaking. Just never think it could happen to you. 
  • Not exactly the same situation but I was told  my son was most likely a miscarriage on an early ultrasound, and when I came back a week later to confirm he was doing just fine in there. Now he’s a healthy toddler. This is why they have another ultrasound to double check. I’m hoping for good news for you!
  • I’ve had some losses and the grief was hard. If that’s the outcome for you I’m sorry. You’ll get through it, even though it feels crippling for a while. ❤️❤️
  • @cassafrass123 thank you so much 😞🙏🏽🤍

  • @annemarie96 I’m so sorry about your losses. I can’t even begin to imagine. I just have to remind myself that I did everything in my power to keep my baby safe. It’s really out of my control or anyone’s at this point 🤍
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