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Baby Registry Must Haves

Hi all! First time mom here! Currently finishing up my baby registry but I wanted to see if any seasoned moms had any tips! I’m specifically looking for tips on everyday items like clothes, burp cloths, etc. Like, how many NB size onesies would I need vs. how many 0-3 month sizes? How many pj’s? What’s better for a newborn, footie pj’s or no footie? How many swaddles? Any items that I really don’t need? 

Thanks in advance!   :)

Re: Baby Registry Must Haves

  • Not everyone uses swaddles (I personally didn't with any of my children). Footed jammies for sure unless you live where it's really warm or cosleep. Some people say not to get newborn clothes because the baby grows fast...which they do. But some people have small babies that fit in newborn for a month or so...so it's really hard to say. I tend to get enough newborn clothes to get me through a week because that's how often I want to wash their clothes.  They often pee through their diapers at night so you may want to consider extras for that. Boppy pillows are excellent if you plan to nurse! As far as diapers, a newborn will go through 10-12 at first but it decreases drastically as time goes by.
  • I agree with @seeds_of_joy
    a lot of it is based on preference and size so it’s hard to say. I’d definitely go with footed pjs that zip, not button. 

    I’d go with less NB diapers and just buy more if you end up needed them. You could also skip NB onesies and go straight to 0-3m. It may be a little big at first, but not for long at all. 

    We used swaddles until he kept breaking out. So maybe 2 of those? You can just wash them if they get wet and then money won’t be wasted if you end up not using them as often. Another alternative would be a sleep sack. My son liked that much better. 

    Musts on my list: 
    - Sound machine 
    - Breastfeed materials (if you plan to nurse) for example, milk storage bags, bottles, reusable breast pads, boppy, milk cooler bag if you travel or have to store at work. 
    - diaper bag 
    - wet bag for soiled clothes while out of the house 
    - burp cloths 
    - a swing (not a necessity for some but I liked having a soothing place to put him while I cooked or cleaned or showered) 

    you really need way less than you think 😊
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  • I agree with everything @seeds_of_joy and @amccurls mentioned.

    I will say, DS came early, and was a peanut. I had tons of NB and 0-3 months stuff but he didn't even grow out of NB size until he was almost 2 months. I would grab a few things in each size, and then go from there. That way you're not overbuying, but also won't run out of stuff.

    We didn't use swaddles or sleep sacks, but plan to this time. DS never slept and looking back I think it was from him being cold, which is why he enjoyed being held (for the warmth.) 

    Wipe warmers are a waste. We never even opened ours.

    I planned to exclusively nurse DS, but we didn't have the best journey with nursing so I exclusively pumped. With that, I needed all the breastfeeding supplies, plus cleaning supplies, bottles, milk bags, etc. 

    A safe sleeping space. We used a basinet that came with out pack and play for DS which worked at first, but didn't last too long, as it was not very long itself. For this baby boy, we are investing in a better sleep space for baby and plan to keep him in our room for much longer. 

    A white noise/sound machine.
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  • Thank you all!! @tessiesmom26 @amccurls @seeds_of_joy

    All super helpful! 

    What about socks? How many pairs should I have on hand realistically? Do they actually stay on? I feel like I usually see babies with bare little feet 😂 

  • Lol some people just keep newborns in footies. If you're doing pants/onsie outfits I think however many socks until you do laundry. It's not like they'll stink so you can probably use them multiple times if the sock monster doesn't get them. Sock monsters prefer socks from children between the ages of 2 and 8 though. 😜 One thing I forgot to mention...gowns are amazing for night time changing. That's what I mostly got this time around.
  • Yes to the gowns!!! I forgot about those too. They were awesome for middle of the night changes. When we did gowns we did a onesie and socks underneath if it was cold 
  • This is so helpful for a FTM like me! Thank you ladies!!!
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