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Positive vibes

I hate to be that person, but I’ve gotten quite burnt out on people’s negative talk about being pregnant and could use some good stuff for the last few weeks of my journey. 

Anyone else having a pretty decent time through their pregnancy? I wouldn’t say it’s been amazing and perfect by any means, but I also can’t say it’s been horrible or that I hate it. I know we all have different experiences and I’m not dismissing that. Trust me I’ve dealt with carpel tunnel, heartburn, exhaustion, sore hips and gestational diabetes, but I’ve also worked very hard to stay positive and go with it. I think being fortunate to be able to keep my regular workout routine has done miracles for my mental health. 

I’m expecting this little guy to join us in about three weeks and I can’t wait to have feeling in my fingers back for sure haha. But I’m so grateful my experience has been an overall good one. Anyone else? I’d love to hear how you’ve beaten the negative feelings that come. Sending love!

Re: Positive vibes

  • Same over here. I’m pregnant with several friends and sometimes feel guilt about having minimal setbacks. I am grateful I am having such a positive and smooth first pregnancy experience, we shouldn’t feel guilt over that.. plus we still have birth and potentially a completely different pregnancy another time, haha. Of course I now understand pregnancy is difficult and amazing and I respect and support all my friends and women who go through so many different things, I will not downplay that either. Women are miracle makers!!! 
  • Pregnancy has been hard, but also plenty of things I’ve loved along the way!  I’m cherishing the last few weeks of having my son all to myself! We will never be this physically close again!  I love feeling him move around in there…like what is he doing/thinking??  😂
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  • ETA: I agree with you on the staying active part!  I did a cycling workout tonight and felt fantastic!  Do I do that every day?  No.  Is there a high likelihood of me getting a milkshake tonight?  Yes!!   But overall staying active has helped me maintain a relatively good mood!  😄
  • Like you there have been some less than fun things like heart burn and hemorrhoids. But overall I have felt good and also very lucky. I would even go so far as to say I do enjoy being pregnant. Can’t wait to hope this little guy, maybe as early as next week!
  • @00kim00 oh girlX , I’m 40 and will be 41 in December. We tried for 5 years so yes, quite the miracle. I feel good 😌 
  • it’s funny I was reflecting on my pregnancy and realized that most of the “negative things” were actually fine…just amplified by doctors with all their extra tests and monitoring and “watching for” things that could get complicated. Also other peoples comments (you look tired, you look pale, oh you are so big you must be uncomfortable)  If I took all that stress away, it would have been a breeze. 

    Looking back I think I had a really wonderful pregnancy. I am so amazed at what my body has done for me!  I’m off work now due to some of the complications which was not what I wanted but it’s actually been a blessing to just relax and embrace these last few weeks of being pregnant.  And no stretch marks - it’s a miracle! (I got them really bad as in puberty so I thought for sure I would be adding to my already widespread collection 😂)
  • Its been a roller coaster for sure. I had shingles, morning sickness just about the entire pregnancy, fell and recovered, nerve pain, the list goes on. Im just happy I finally made it to the home stretch and get to meet my suprise Christmas gift of a person that's been growing in me all year. The waddling and bumping into things in these last few weeks has only made me laugh and cherish the time I have left. I've been saying that even if this was my only chance and I could never do it again, I'm so grateful for even the opportunity. 
    Sure, I'll admit I wasn't the happy pregnant woman but I wasn't a grouch either. I'm just looking forward to seeing this to the end just as much as the rest of the ladies are.
  • Positive vibes to all! Definitely had difficulty or scary moments through this first pregnancy but overall feel so blessed and lucky about the entire journey 💙
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