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Thyroid problems

Anyone here dealing with thyroid problems during pregnancy? I had it with my first pregnancy.. I had blood work done this morning and my Dr called this pm and gave me a over the phone  appointment regarding my thyroid.. now I'm worried because I googled the Darn thing lol

Re: Thyroid problems

  • Hi! Yes, this happened to me too. They did my blood draw at my first appointment and I was looking at the results and it looked normal but my doctor messaged me and prescribed me meds and said that they need TSH to be less than 2.5. I actually reviewed some literature that showed that if your TP-OB antibodies are negative then its not a risk but yes I was concerned as well so continuing to take meds and hoping the next blood draw is normal.
  • I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s. I got diagnosed about a year ago. I’m pregnant with my first baby so naturally I was very nervous but everything has been ok. I put my Hashimoto’s in remission before I got pregnant though. I take medicine and everything. I had to change how I ate, what products I used on my body, what I cleaned with. I don’t eat or drink out of plastic anymore. I only drink filtered water. I also take a lot of supplements and vitamins because my organs are not working like they are suppose to with my Thyroid working slow. Sounds like a lot but it really helped me. You will just have to be closely monitored by a doctor and get bloodwork done often to check your levels.  I know it happens a lot during pregnancy. Just make sure you are taking extra care of your yourself 😊
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  • I am in the same boat. I have been taking the medication on doctor’s recommendation. But I am getting migraines and constipation from these I believe. Im doing everything right in terms of trying to get things to move along. But its still not helping. I also have haemorrhoids so constipation is not good for me, although I never had this issue before. I have been in extreme pain this past week due to haemorrhoids. I don't know what to do. Taking baths and applying the medication prescribed but nothing is working. Im only week 11 and if this lasts the rest of my pregnancy I don't know if I can make it. I know not taking the medication will be harmful for me but I cant deal with the side effects. I am already on the lowest dose. 
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