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Weekly Symptoms 11/14-11/20

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How’s everyone feeling??

Re: Weekly Symptoms 11/14-11/20

  • I just got my B6 vitamin in the mail, and I’m so excited to see if it helps! The seabands really didn’t do anything for me. My wrists are tiny, like a child’s, so maybe they just didn’t fit right? 
  • Aw man, don’t know how to delete this! Didn’t see the new one that was there!
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  • @annemarie96 it doesn't look like there's a symptom thread for this week, do you want to edit this to be symptoms?? It's not a big deal to just leave it too though! Double threads happen all the time! 
  • I I thought the nausea was finally fading… it’s not. 😭😭
  • Still. So. Nauseous.  Still throwing up every day, tons of dry heaving too. Absolutely so tired. I even took a nap on Saturday and I never do that! 
  • 9 weeks today and feeling fine.. I am still tired and emotional but not as bad as it was last week. I am still hungry most of the time but nothing really sounds good except citrus and pickles… anything tart really lol I am so ready for sore nips to go away too. Come on second tri! 
  • I've been feeling better since I hit 11 weeks on Saturday, less nauseous, milder headaches, boobs finally aren't sore, sleeping a bit better and have a bit more energy so hoping it continues this way into and throughout the second trimester!
  • The hardest thing for me so far has been the middle of the night. Waking up at 3a/4a every night to have to pee then the movement making me nauseous because my stomach is empty (cheerios at my bedside has been a must). To add to it, I woke up again last night at 6a literally doubled over in hunger pains. Which is just so strange to me. All day today i've been having increasing hunger, like to the point that I am in physical pain because i'm so hungry. I'm 8 weeks exactly today, but has anyone else experienced this?

    I'm hesitant to eat too much because I am overweight already, but I also want to make sure baby is getting enough. My Husband has mentioned that he thinks i'm loosing weight in my arms/face, but the scale supports that i've gained about 4lbs already. I also have a gut instinct that is telling me I might be pregnant with twins (my first ultrasound is Thursday) and I know increased hunger can be a sign. And believe me i've been snacking like all day to help with nausea so i don't think i'm not eating enough. Pregnancy is weird lol.

  • @littlepumpkinsmom YES! Around 7 weeks my hunger intensified.. like I had to eat right then or else I felt sick. It’s tough. 
  • I’m less nauseas, but throwing up more 🙃 so that’s funnnnn. I’m getting a little energy back. Enough to do little workouts every day. But I usually crash harddd in the late afternoon. 

    Sometimes I forget I’m pregnant at all and then I remember and it’s so weird haha 
  • Tonight I've thrown up so many times. I'm so miserable! It's the worst it's been so far and I'm 10 weeks today 
  • My nausea is starting to change too. I’m okay more of the day, but it hits me so hard when it does. It’s way more unpredictable and I’m puking more times each day. Any time I sneeze I immediately start puking. Last night I had a headache and got some food down and Tylenol, and 30 minutes later had puke coming out my nose it was so violent. And I’ve never puked up Tylenol before. It burned so badly. Just woke up and had a headache all night. I’m so frustrated! 
    Something about this baby makes me puke about 3 times as long with each session. Waaay past the time when everything was out I’m still violently heaving. 
    I’m so tired. 
    I’m ranting because I know a lot of you are in a similar place right now and understand. Not fun. 😭 
    Hit 9 weeks yesterday, we’ll see if it gets better. 
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    @maddmama @hitcj4687 @annemarie96 yesterday was one of my worst nausea/vomiting days probably the entire pregnancy. I was having good days and bad days for a few weeks, then since last Tuesday I've only felt progressively worse. Yesterday I had two spells of vomiting repeatedly for minutes at a time that were just bile 😖 the worst taste ever. And I keep vomiting up all my meds and zofran, so now I have to take the zofran as a suppository...fun. 10w today and I'm just so physically/mentally/emotionally exhausted from feeling so sick for so long. Knowing it may last another 10 weeks (did with my other pregnancies) with minimal relief is terrifying.
  • I'm sorry it sounds like so many of us are in the same boat! It's so incredibly hard to feel so awful! And the violent vomiting is truly painful! I was sure I had popped blood vessels in my face!! And then my throat was burning. I'm hoping we all start feeling relief soon. Hang in there mamas
  • @hitcj4687 omg yes. I literally felt like I was being choked the other day while I was vomiting! The pressure in my face and sinuses was terrible. Sometimes it is a little comfort to know other people are suffering with you? Not in a "I'm glad you guys are miserable too" way 😂 just comraderie. 
  • I am sorry all of you ladies are going through that. Puking is one of like my worst fears so I wish you all start to feel relief really soon! 
  • Oof, the fullness! The bloat! I had half a burrito for lunch and now I think I might actually explode 🤣
  • I’m so sorry so many of y’all are having such a rough time! Having the flu the last 5 days and barely being able to breathe through my nose and the disruption to my sleep has been tough, but I’m thankful Im not super sick. 

    @francesgs throwing up is one of my worst fears too! Feeling like I’m going to has given me full blown panic attacks since I was a little kid (also had GERD and IBS my whole life), although I freak out a bit less now. Stupidly, or ridiculously, it’s been one of my major fears about pregnancy. This is my first and I’ve had a lot of nausea but thankfully no vomiting so far (although I’m really good at suppressing it!). But I’m 9 weeks today, so not ruling out the possibility it will start up. My mother and sister only rarely threw up in pregnancy so I’m just hoping that luck runs in the family.
  • @puffling2023 I’ve been so fortunate to not have morning sickness with any of my pregnancies also. My mom didn’t have it with any of her four children either. I’ve had lots of nausea with 2 of my 4 pregnancies but that’s about it. But yeah if I feel like I might throw up I am immediately in a panic.. 😬
  • @francesgs @puffling2023 aw that sucks! my poor husband is Terrified of puking. He will do anything to not puke. In the six years we've been together, he's only thrown up once and he was beside himself about it. It seems like an awful fear to have! Our poor son has the fear too. When he was around 3 he had what's called "cyclical vomiting" episodes and he would try so hard not to puke that it would come out of his nose 🥺 I think the pain and discomfort of all that has perma-traumatized him. 
  • @thescarletmom I think mine stemmed from when I was little being traumatized thinking that I was going to suffocate and die because I couldn’t breathe while vomiting. It scared me so much.. I will do everything in my power to not vomit. 
  • Well, the hormones have got me. I spent a good portion of yesterday crying. I feel hungover today.
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    @francesgs @puffling2023 that sounds terrible. I hope you guys don’t have to puke at all! 

    And I’ve been so surprised at how violent it’s been. With my first kid I puked quite a bit but I don’t remember it being as painful. Like my body just keeps going and going until my whole chest is in so much pain, sinuses are burning, etc. So weird! 
  • @francesgs aw, that makes total sense. When my husband was a kid, he thought if he vomited once he would never stop, so he was so scared to basically start something that would never end.

    @cassafrass123 oof! The crying hangover. I absolutely get those, especially while pregnant. 

    @annemarie96 right? I vomited during my first two pregnancies, but not like this! The pressure I felt in my face makes me feel like I'm choking, or at minimum bursting blood vessels! And all the heaving in my chest makes my muscles sore, not to mention if it's been a high volume day all the acid burns my mouth and nose! It sucks.
  • Oh my. @thescarletmom @hitcj4687 and @annemarie96 it sounds like you're all having the most miserable time with morning sickness hitting an all time high, I'm so sorry, I hope it gets better for you soon. I thought my sickness peaked at 8/9 weeks but I'm almost 12 weeks now and now it's truly the worse it's ever been with no end in sight. I hope you all don't end up in the same boat! 
  • @kalesix3 Tuesday was the worst day I've had thus far. I've been getting a lot of headaches too and I'm just overall having a hard time. This first trimester is really kicking my ass! I'm sorry the sickness picked up for you! I hope you find relief soon as you enter the second trimester!
  • @hitcj4687 oh I think I remember you mentioning headaches before too, I'm sorry 😔 
    It will be a miracle if I start feeling better before 20 weeks because that hasn't happened either time before this but we'll see, thankfully most people do start feeling better around 12 weeks so I'm rooting for you all! 
  • Isn't it crazy how women's bodies go through months of discomfort, sickness, etc to bring life into the world? I'm so amazed by women sometimes.  Even though it sucks some days to feel so awful, I just think, "wow we are so impressive" lol
  • @hitcj4687 Yeah, it’s wild. I keep looking at my husband and being like “IM DOING THIS FOR YOU AGAIN????” 😂 
    I think this is the last time I or our family can handle going through this. 
  • I am 10 weeks but around my 8-9 weeks I had an awful time with vomiting felt like I had something stuck in my throat my husband said the bathroom smelt like blood bc I was vomiting so much ! I still vomit and get nausea but it's not as bad as that night 
    I have an awful time eating some nights I can eat a plate and other nights don't want anything to do with food 
  • Anybody else getting RLP yet? With my first I didn't get it really until like 3rd tri. Second baby, maybe early-mid 2nd tri I probably started to get some. But I've had it for a few weeks now, plus that late-pregnancy sensation of having pelvis/low abdomen pressure from a super heavy belly? I have to "lift" my tiny bloaty bump to get relief from the pressure and I'm like what?? This is so 30+ weeks pregnant nonsense, not 10. Literally this third pregnancy is wild
  • @thescarletmom also my 3rd pregnancy and idk if it's being older, already having 2 kids to care for or what but this one is definitely rougher.

    My nausea has settled with B6 but one day last week I had a puke bag ready the entire almost hour drive home from work. I'm wondering if it's a combo of pregnancy nausea and motion sickness or just one magnifying the other. 

    Also crying at songs on the radio, pictures of my kids as babies. It now makes sense why I was sobbing uncontrollably the week before I tested haha

    And lately lots of short tempers and anger/frustration. Not sure if I'm just too tired and worn out to better handle my emotions or if pregnancy rage is a thing...
  • @thescarletmom yes!! Its been so uncomfortable and I can't believe I'm already having RLP. I feel like my belly is soooo big for only being 10 weeks. I look more like 25 weeks along!  
  • @thescarletmom yuuuup riding the RLP train over here too. It mostly only happens if I turn my trunk too quickly, but I’m on my 4th and with my 3rd I felt it really early too
  • Wait, what’s RLP? 😂
  • @annemarie96 Round Ligament Pain! It's the ligaments in your pelvis/lower abdomen that run up from your uterus, so they cause problems as things start stretching. It's more discomfort for me than it's ever been sharp pain, unless I twist my abdomen quickly or occasionally when I bend down.
  • I’ve definitely been feeling that also. Sometimes when I get up from sitting down but mostly when I sneeze 🤧 
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    I'm due June 30... so suuuuper late, but this week started the overall feeling of queasiness. I've also had a headache for like 5 days straight and been so so bloated. It's still better than my first pregnancy though. With my first I was sick every afternoon from 4 til bedtime. This go-around, as long as I keep a little something in my stomach then I'm ok. MY skin is also really dry and itchy, especially my legs.
    **I'm crossing my fingers it's a boy!
  • @thescarletmom oh man, that was one of my first symptoms at like 5 and 6 weeks. Very strange. Not really feeling that anymore but I’m only about 9 1/2 weeks and I can feel my uterus already. It seems massive compared to what I’m remembering from the other kids at this point. 
  • @annemarie96 I feel like by your third baby there are no rules anymore about when you experience symptoms. I also feel like my uterus is expanding waaay faster than before and it's weirding me out.
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