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Lightening Crotch

Lightening crotch is killing me!  I’ll literally yelp while walking…sometimes it will strike just sitting on the couch.  Anyone else?? I wish it meant something more significant, but everything I read says it can go on for weeks.  😫🌩

Re: Lightening Crotch

  • With my daughter it was the entire 3rd trimester and now with my son it's random for the last month or 2. So painful.
  • So painful! I have to grab on to something and stand still until it goes away. It's so embarrassing when it happens in public, my partner always freaks out and asks me what's wrong and it's definitely not something you want to say out loud😅 I will say though it comes and goes, I hadn't had it for at least a month and then it came back this week🥲
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  • alexa_rosiealexa_rosie member
    edited November 2022
    I’m not sure if what I‘ve been experiencing the last few days is a lightning crotch but it feels like sharp electric pain somewhere in the bladder and I immediately want to go to the bathroom. Baby apparently is hitting some nerves down there when actively moving. 
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