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Crying spells??

Is anyone else finding themselves crying so much lately? I can’t really say I ever got too emotional during my first or second trimesters , maybe tear up a little at a movie but that was it. As my due date gets closer I can’t help but cry about almost anything. Not being able to get comfortable, not having the energy to do my hair and makeup for work, looking at my feet swell up, not being able to bend down to shave my legs, not having the energy to wash the dishes, feeling fatter as my bump gets bigger. Sometimes I just won’t have the energy to get out of bed and just start crying for no apparent reason 😩. I feel guilty thinking that I hate being pregnant because I can’t wait to meet our little boy but man does it suck to be pregnant lol

Re: Crying spells??

  • Yep. It’s all so frustrating. You’re definitely not alone. 
  • I came on to write this post. I did have a few hormonal cries first trimester but those went away quickly. But this... This is like frustration and discomfort and anxiety regularly and like big heaving sobs and sometimes I wonder if it's prenatal depression bc it's so distressing sometimes. I'm finding this last bit of pregnancy really hard. 
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  • Oh yeah!! Had one last night because my pillows wouldn’t support me the way I wanted them to. We’re almost there ladies! 
  • Oh of course, but with my depression it feels worse. Just crying for no reason at all 
  • I've cried more in the past 2 weeks than in the past 2 years. Stupid hormones. Cried at a movie, cried at a birth video, cried at my wedding video, cried because I'm excited about baby, cried because I think I'm already a bad mom for not eating more salads during pregnancy, lol just all of it. And then I usually laugh at myself after because this is so not normal me. 
  • I’m generally not the girl who cry’s over things too much but silly or frustrating things alike I definitely can say you’re not alone in crying over many more things than normal!
  • Yes, my emotions have been such a roller coaster this trimester. I'm finding it hard to enjoy being pregnant at all and just desperate for the baby to come so I can hand some relief. 
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