How can I select a fertility clinic that has the best success rate near me?

I failed my first IVF journey and wanna find a good clinic that has the best technology to help me have a baby!

Re: How can I select a fertility clinic that has the best success rate near me?

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    SART keeps data on that. You can look up success rates for specific clinics on their website:
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    I found my fertility clinic through that had reviews about local fertility practices. 
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    see what clinics are near you and reach out to them asking about their success rates in treatment of ladies of same age and some issues, how long treament will take and how much it will cost. If a clinic does not answer in detail, I wouldn't trust them. Once you get info, you can compare and decide which clinic meets your expectations.
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    I researched mine through here and ended up at Dunya IVF in cyprus. The ratings on here are very clear so it was helpful!
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    you need to know what questions to ask and how to interpret them (althought the article is dedicated to patients going abroad, but most questions can be asked in any clinic): And you need to get answers considering your medical situation and age. Once you get all info, you can compare and decide what clinic is the best in your situation and which one meets your criteria. I wish you to find the best clinic for you. Hope this helps.

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    Every couple loves the amazing experience of having a child, but not every couple is successful in getting pregnant naturally. The next step for folks who have been trying to get pregnant but haven't had any luck is to contact a fertility specialist and choose reproductive treatments. You are now faced with the challenge of selecting the best fertility clinic.
    Find local clinics and contact them to inquire about their success rates in treating women your age with various conditions, the length of time therapy would take, and the cost of treatment. I wouldn't trust a clinic if they didn't provide a thorough response. Following the informational comparison, you can select the clinic that best matches your needs.
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    We did our first round of IVF at a “top notch” clinic in Florida. Honestly felt like just a number and we’re not presented with all the facts or good advice.
    We ended up needing to use donor eggs and in the US this makes INF 30-40k. We ended up finding a clinic in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with very high success rates and at a fraction of the cost. That was a few years ago and we are very happy with our choice.
    We’ve been to Puerto Vallarta 3 times now. Once to fertilize and freeze (I ended up with a polyp so couldn’t transfer that cycle)
    Our first transfer was successful but ended in a missed miscarriage at 3 months. The clinic did a bunch of tests after that and found the cause and have corrected with medication.
    Our third trip is now! We just transferred 2 5AA blastocysts.
    The quality of care here is amazing- nothing like what you’d find in the US. We communicate directly with the doctors and have never felt like just a number. Plus I think the amount of rest and relaxation and sunshine you get by coming here helps with the success of the cycle.

    We are confident that LIV Fertility in Puerto Vallarta was the best choice we could have made.
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