Babies: 6 - 9 Months

Pacifier weaning

Our pediatrician recommended phasing out the pacifier at our 6 month appointment because “it’s much easier now than later.” Baby turns 8 months today and I can’t imagine putting her down for a nap or bed without it still. She’s generally a great sleeper, but needs that pacifier! Has anyone tried phasing out the pacifier or have any tips?

Re: Pacifier weaning

  • edited November 2022
    My six month old never really grew attached to his pacifier. However, my aunt sabotaged her kids’ pacifiers by cutting off the tip. It made them stop using it as much and eventually they just stopped entirely. It’s harder for them to get any suction without the full bulb. 

    I’m not sure this is recommended or safe, so maybe ask your pediatrician before trying it. 
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