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Lack of intimacy

When your husband doesn’t show interest in being intimate or really even touching you since being pregnant 😢. Any one with similar issues out there?  The further along I get the worse I feel emotionally.  And yes I’ve told him but nothing is changing.  

Re: Lack of intimacy

  • I can relate!  We haven’t been intimate in several weeks now.  I tried to initiate the other night and got shut down.  🤷‍♀️ It has definitely affected my mood, especially since I’ve stopped feeling “cute pregnant” and have started feeling big, frumpy, and haggard!   Just so ready to be done at this point…hoping the intimacy returns in a couple months.  Hang in there!!  
  • I can relate to this.  I’ve talked to him about it many times. He says it has nothing to do with how attractive he finds me and he’s not  worried about hurting the baby.  It’s hard not to take it personally but he says it’s related to stress and emotions around this big life change we are going through and not being in the mood.   Maybe it’s the same for your partner? 

    It’s really hard but I stopped trying to initiate because being shut down was hurting my self esteem. 
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  • Maybe try inviting your partner for a shower? That can involve a different kind of physical intimacy without the same expectations so if your partner is feeling overwhelmed and not wanting sex, this might be an alternative he'd be into. I had to be on pelvic rest in the 2nd trimester into 3rd and we spent some nice time together in the shower.
  • My husband was like that for my first pregnancy starting in the second trimester. I found it really hurtful, but there was nothing I could do. Luckily he felt the exact opposite way as soon as baby came (somewhat bad timing since we couldn't be intimate for several weeks, but I was really relieved to know that he was still attracted to me right after childbirth).  This second pregnancy, he is more interested in being intimate, but we're both super busy.
  • I haven’t been intimate at all with anyone since March……. Ugh 
  • Lol we haven't had sex in ages. We have had it once a trimester. But tbh I am not in the mood. I'm so uncomfortable and tired. It sounds like a lot of work for something I could do myself 😜
  • I just ran into this myself. We had to sit down and talk because these hormones were runnin high and had me all in my feelings. When he told me why he didn't but is not shutting down still being intimate and affectionate I calmed down. 
    For my guy, he just didn't want to interfere with/cause problems with pelvic exams,, additional testing and labor and delivery.
  • For my man the belly really weirds him out when we are having sex, and he’s worried about hurting me or baby. so we cuddle and take lots of showers together instead and it helps. Lucky for me I’m rarely in the mood and even if I am I’m drier then the Sahara.
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