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November symptoms

Because I'm sure everyone is starting to have random quirky pains and odd symptoms by now...

Re: November symptoms

  • Pelvic pain (quite bad, and has been since I decided to go on a tennis trip at 20 weeks, which - arguably - was not the best call), heartburn and out of breath - can't walk and talk at the same time without being totally out of breath 😁 Oh and Braxton Hicks contractions aplenty.

    But compared to some of the other months I'm actually doing quite fine. Probably also because I'm not all that big yet from the pregnancy, so I can still tie my shoes, shave my legs etc without problems. Enjoying it for as long as it lasts 😅
  • I'm thankful I don't have pelvic pain or anything severe at this point but I feel like a waddling hippo and I suspect I'm going to need to strap up my belly eventually. Do thunder thighs count as a symptom? 😂 
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  • My newest symptom is waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air. It’s happened a handful of times over the past few weeks, but I was never fully awake and couldn’t determine whether I was dreaming or not when it happened. Last night, I fully woke up and gasped for air about four times before feeling comfortable again.
  • @karbaud you should chat with your dentist about being evaluated for sleep apnea. Maybe it is something that will be resolved once baby is born, but if not, there are a lot of new devices out there now that can help!
  • @karbaud Gosh, that sounds unpleasant! :/ Could it be because you roll onto your back and your baby compresses your vena cava? My sister found herself severely out of breath at night when she did that. 
  • @nwshay and @justkp, sleep apnea and compressing my vena cava are my two concerns also. I’ve already sent a message to my OB to ask if there are any developmental concerns for the baby because this has been happening, and to ask for recommendations on ways to resolve the issue moving forward. I’ll probably hear back from her tomorrow.
  • @karbaud Hope they can suggest a good solution for you, sounds scary and also not great for your sleep quality 💙
  • This morning I woke up to a calf cramp so extreme that I couldn’t flex my foot and had to wake up my husband to help stretch and massage it out. I’m just hoping this was a one-off kind of thing and not something that I’m going to be dealing with frequently for the rest of this pregnancy…
  • Oof @fertile-turtle I get those too. Mainly when I’m not drinking enough water. I hope it gets better for you!
  • @fertile-turtle I have gotten leg cramps too periodically throughout my pregnancy. I find it’s a combination of not drinking enough water and not intaking enough salt and electrolytes too. You can drink a ton of water but not have enough electrolytes which will mean you can’t retain more of the water to hydrate properly and help increase your blood volume that naturally occurs with pregnancy. I’ve started taking 1/2 packet LMNT electrolytes every other day or so with 16oz of coconut water to increase potassium or drinking a liter of bone broth with Himalayan salt to taste. That seems to resolve the leg cramp issues for me. 
  • @ttc3y the electrolytes might be it! I’ve struggled with restless legs and not being able to fall back asleep when I wake up so I’ve been taking 400mg of magnesium before bed, and I’ve been very good about hydration as far as water intake, but I haven’t paid much attention to any other electrolytes. I’ll start adding an electrolyte mix to one of my water bottles each day and see if that prevents them. Thanks! 
  • Okay, I have a question. When I’m this tired, anybody have any suggestions on how to not look this tired? I just had a sweet lady at the soup shop that I’ve been frequenting (who just clarified with me the other day that I was actually pregnant) and said I look tired. Not meanly and I totally get it, but how do you look a little fresher when you feel this worn out? I don’t feel very glowing, I just feel depleted. Thoughts?
  • seeds_of_joyseeds_of_joy member
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    @cpk3535 I noticed I have dark circles under my eyes which isn't normal for me... probably a combo of pregnancy, kids, and age. I've been putting tinted sunscreen on certain spots to camouflage my tired, worn out look. Honest Company makes a good one that's like a thicker foundation but blends so you don't have to put it everywhere. I got it for sunscreen but I discovered it's much more than that. I also use a super natural, neutral blush and that makes me look somewhat alive. Whip on some clear lip stuff and I'm safe to go in public. 😜 Sorry...that's all I've got for you...subtly conceal it. 🤷‍♀️ And get sleep? I probably need some more of that. We're not spring chickens anymore so we don't glow as easily I guess. But for what it's worth, I think you're a natural beauty! Also that lady was probably just trying to be empathetic because everyone knows we are tired. 
  • @cpk3535, if you find any tricks to look less tired, let me know! I look so tired all the time and just hope it’s not super noticeable through Zoom video meetings. Lol
  • @cpk3535 I have no idea, if you find a solution, I want to hear it. No amount of concealer is going to hide these dark circles at this point.
  • Anyone else have major itching going on? I don't remember itching this badly during my other pregnancies. I don't think it's Cholestasis because it's not on my hands and feet. It's my stomach, back arms, legs. It drives me nuts and I constantly have to put lotion on.
  • @seeds_of_joy me!! My legs especially have been itching, at the worst in the middle of the night 😬 It’s torture. I’ve been using Aveno eczema lotion and/or hydrocortisone, and they help…a little. Annoying and unpredictable.
  • @cpk3535 mine is awful right around bedtime. I itch it so much that it hurts. Right now I'm completely fine. It's always when I'm trying to lie down!!
  • @seeds_of_joy me, too! They tested me right off the bat for the liver issues, but I came back with a clean bill of health. Sooooo annoying, as if sleeping through the night isn’t hard enough right now!! Lol
  • @cpk3535 did they say it was just hormonal? If my feet and hands itched, I would get tested too. But seems kind of weird that those are the only parts that don't itch. 
  • Maybe it's because we're "old" 🤣
  • @seeds_of_joy yes! For me it’s mostly on my sides and my boobs. I’ve figured out that it’s where the seams for a lot of my pants and bras hit, and I think it’s that plus the dry air as it gets colder plus just being more sensitive in general. I’ve also been using some of my husband’s Aveeno eczema cream because it really seems to be holding in the moisture and cutting down on the itching in a way that nothing else I’ve tried has been able to, but it’s still just taking the edge off it.
  • @fertile-turtle the boobs might be because of growth. Mine is 10 times worse when I lie down. So weird...we must be itchier because of everything! lol I made my own moisturizer with Shea butter and cocoa butter and that's been a life saver but I can't reach all the places!!!
  • My itching seems somewhat triggered by allergies, but it definitely seems enhanced by hormones! I’m in the same boat as you @seeds_of_joy it’s like unbearable at night when I’m in bed. Why? I have no clue!! I’ll usually just be laying in bed with my eyes closed scratching my legs for several minutes at least. It’s almost a nightly ritual at this point!! 

    This is the second pregnancy that I’ve experienced this now, and it definitely died down after my last pregnancy, so I’m hopeful it’s related to hormones and at least partially goes away after baby comes!! Hope the same for all of you ❤️❤️❤️!
  • I found out the hard way this weekend that I’ve been having silent reflux. After 3 days of large evening meals with a more constricted stomach, last night I suddenly found myself unable to lay down without feeling acid climbing my esophagus, and even trying to sleep sitting up wasn’t enough to save me. I had to call the midwives’ on call line this morning for advice and am now on Pepcid and Tums for at least a few days to a week, but probably until birth. 

    I’m open to any natural treatments for a sore throat and laryngitis from really excessive acid reflux, because I’m sure this is going to take some time to heal.
  • @fertile-turtle, I’m having the same acid reflux symptoms. During my 28 week appointment, my OB told me to take Tums after dinner each night. If that doesn’t help, I’m supposed to switch to Pepcid. Lying on your left side rather than your right is supposed to help. I do notice a difference, but I still experience some symptoms.

    My newest November symptom is a swollen salivary gland, I think. I plan to ask my OB about it at my December 7th appointment. I read that it won’t go away until after I give birth.
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    @fertile-turtle I’m not sure what teas we can and can’t have but they make a “throat coat” tea that helps with sore throat. It taste like black licorice though, so I think it’s kinda gross. But some people like it 🤷🏻‍♀️ i drink it anyway when I’m sick because it really does coat your throat to make eating and swallowing less painful. 
  • My newest symptom are palpitations at night. It keeps my from falling asleep and then when I do eventually fall asleep, it wakes me up very frequently. I’m so tired now because I haven’t been sleeping due to the palpitations. Sending a message to my OB in the morning even though I know he’s going to say this is all normal. Not loving this pregnancy symptom.
  • @whitneydeanne Unless coupled with anxiety, palpitations should definitely be looked into and not dismissed. I would push for further assessment if palpitations are consistently happening. I hope things get better for you. ❤️
  • @whitneydeanne seconding what @ttc3y said. I’ve been being monitored for a high heart rate and premature atrial contractions since early second trimester, and it seems to be triggered by pregnancy but isn’t a normal pregnancy symptom. And mine don’t even bother me - I didn’t notice it at all, it was caught by my GP nurse practitioner at a routine checkup. If you’re having actual symptoms of it, it’s important to be checked out and to make sure it’s not something more dangerous for you and your baby.

    I hope you hear from your OB soon and you get checked out and everything is fine ❤️
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