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Weekly Randoms Nov 7

How is it already November? 

Re: Weekly Randoms Nov 7

  • I don’t know how November is here already but I’m up for making something with pumpkin! 😁🎃😁
  • @ttc3y it’s definitely pumpkin baking time! I just prepped the pumpkin to make pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and learned how to bake my grandma’s nut bread last weekend (it’s some Eastern European recipe with a yeast dough and a swirl of honey walnut filling and it’s both wonderful and an absolute baking nightmare that has taken us 7 years to recreate even with a written recipe 😬).
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  • I've been making healthy pumpkin smoothies and a few days ago made some gooey chocolate pumpkin bars that were allergy free. 😁 Of course I ate more than half of them myself. 
  • @fertile-turtle Everything you just mentioned sounds so delicious! The time you made to recreate the family recipe sounds well worth the effort too! What does prepping a pumpkin entail for a pumpkin pie? I only know how to make pumpkin pie from a can and store bought pie crust! 😂 

    @seeds_of_joy I love pumpkin smoothies too! And I’ll pretty much eat anything with chocolate 😁
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    @Ttcy3 & @seeds_of_joyIf either of you has a good pumpkin smoothie recipe, please share 🤤 I love all the pumpkin things too! 
  • @ttc3y prepping the pumpkin is mostly boiling it so that it can be puréed, then draining it. We use the insides of our carving pumpkins (pretty sure it’s just a holdover from when money was tight). The actual filling is a custard, with eggs, cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, and condensed milk with the puréed pumpkin. And the crust is homemade, too, but I’ve used a premade crust in a pinch.

    It’s been really rewarding to become the family baker and keeper of the old recipes. It’s so easy for them to be lost, and I love knowing that they’ll make it at least one more generation. I‘m excited for when my son is old enough to “help” and to start experiencing some of the connections you can get through food and cooking 😊
  • @fertile-turtle I too am very excited to introduce food to our child. Food is such a big part of my life including my main connection to culture and heritage. I’ve been reading up on baby led weaning because I want my child to be open minded to all sorts of foods, textures, flavors, and tastes. 
  • Baby led weaning is awesome! Our daughter kinda led us to it on her own. She did not like the baby food when I made it but instead thrived eating by baby led weaning. She used to eat anything and everything lol she’s gotten a little pickier since being diagnosed with celiac but I think that’s more of her holding on to control where she can which is understandable. 
  • With my 5th child, I skipped baby food all together (maybe he had it a few times) and breastfed him for almost 3 years. He started eating some food before a year but it was things like scrambled egg and banana pieces and whatever dinner we were having if it was baby appropriate. I definitely want to go that route again because it's so much easier. I can't say he's real open minded about food. I think pickiness has a lot to do with personality. I've always been into making foods from various cultures and love using spices and only one of my kids would always eat everything and he still does!
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