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My husband and started trying in Feb 2021. I turned 35 in Dec 2021 and we kept trying until our 1 year mark when we started visiting an infertility clinic.

With our doctor's advice, we decided to go the IVF route and got lucky on our first egg transfer in May 2022. Our baby had a strong heartbeat and great looking ultrasounds. I had very few/minor symptoms of pregnancy, but was very cautious. During our week 7 ultrasound, a heartbeat couldn't be found anymore and our doctor had us come back a couple more times (upon request) to confirm loss/MC. A week and 2 days later, the clinic had our D&C scheduled - it felt awfully soon after our loss and I wasn't ready to give up our child and may have been in denial, but my surgeon was very empathetic and I certainly appreciated that and was thankful for her.

In Oct 2022, we were finally set up for another egg transfer, but after only a week or two, found out it was unsuccessful. 

It is now Nov 2022 and we are setting up for attempt #3 tentatively scheduled for mid Dec. FC our clinic has a 66% success rate and we are hopeful but a bit discouraged. Hoping for a healthy baby soon ❤️ for all of us!

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